Key Lime Pie Not Setting [Easy SOLUTION]

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Parties on summer days aren’t complete without key lime pie. Either house-party or destination outing, key lime always remains on top of the list. 

It’s frustrating when you have a party tomorrow but the key lime pie is not setting. Whenever it happens to me I get blank. Key lime pie is easy to make yet needs observation.

Why is my key lime pie not setting? 

The main reason for key lime pie not setting is the lack of proper temperature. Another reason for key lime pie not setting could be the improper texture. When it’s too liquidy, it will not set. Put it in the fridge. Egg and milk proportion could be one of the main factors that your key lime pie isn’t setting. 

Looking for more detailed solutions? Guess we’ll have to dig deep!

Key Lime Pie Not Setting

Key lime pie not setting can be irritating to experience, just like problems with buttermilk pie.

The key lime pie recipe is very easy yet sometimes complicated. To make this you need very few ingredients. But if the proportion or technique isn’t right, you’ll not get your desired key lime pie. 

why is my Key Lime Pie not setting

There are some general difficulties you can face during making key lime pie. Let’s know the details. 

Reason 1: Not Setting Appropriate Temperature

Temperature is one of the key factors that the key lime pie is not setting properly. You need an appropriate temperature to set the key lime pie. There’s an ideal temperature for the key lime pie. 


The key lime pie is made only with acid and eggs. It’s challenging to have the pie be built correctly. And the acid assists the eggs to concoct more seamlessly. 

So a bake loop is vital for the entire procedure. The pie baking temperature should be at 325°F (163°C). That is, until it attains a core temperature of 145°F (63°C). 

Try to avoid overcooking the key lime pie. It will come hard and spongy. 

Monitor the temperature using a kitchen thermometer. It is much more precise than wobbling the pie to verify for “squish.” 

It will help you avoid overcooking it. If you are using one, you’ll never get into the doubt about whether or not your pie is made.

Failing to detect the accurate temperature of your key lime pie? Have a look at some of the best kitchen thermometer we recommend:

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These thermometers will give an accurate reading of your pie’s temperature. Try them out!

Reason 2: Crusty Texture

The improper texture will ruin your key lime pie. If the texture is hard and crusty, the lime pie won’t successfully set. 

Here you will get the solution. 


The conventional key lime pie contains only 3 traits: whole eggs, lime juice, and evaporated milk. It should result in shiny, shaky lemon curd. 

Some formulas recommend using just the egg whites. Whipping in enough air before folding them into the remainder of the combination. 

This will give you a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, but you’re still not there yet.

A real Key lime pie must have the consistency of lemon curd rather than soft puff pastry. When the key lime pie becomes runny, fix runny key lime pie with whipped cream.

It all comes down to keeping things simple once more. Do not over-whip the blending.

As we’re talking about keeping the custard thick. Here’s a valuable suggestion: prepare your mixture the day before.

This isn’t essential, but you might find it helpful in your dessert baking time frame. But the valid reason is that it improves your Key lime pie. 

It allows the combination to discharge any air trapped that you may have unwillingly whipped into it. After all, you’re quickly poaching eggs in condensed milk. 

You can’t avoid whipping it to some level. You ought to be accepted as simply as giving it at least 3 or 4 hours.

Reason 3: Using Less Egg

Are you trying to make perfect key lime pie? But even after a thousand tries you couldn’t make it in a proper way? 


Do You know the amount of eggs needed for fudgy brownies? Are you destroying the key lime pie because of the proper egg portion? 

Key Lime Pie Not Setting Solutions

Key lime pie often fails to set up due to the absence of egg yolks. As it’s the only component in the pie to give it the structure. 

A natural chemical reaction occurs between the egg yolks, lime juice, and sweetened condensed milk. It allows the pie to be thick on its own.  

The standard recipe ratio is 2 eggs per cup of milk. Maintaining these conditions, a perfect key lime pie is done. It should be firm to the touch but not completely liquid or solid.

Reason 4: Crusty Base

Crust is the base of your key lime pie. Too dry base won’t be able to hold the whole batter. So, you will need a strong crust base. 


Grind 300g crushed biscuits into crumbs (or put in a strong plastic bag, bashing with rolling pin).

Squeeze into the bottom and up around the edges of a 22cm open tart tin with 150g melted butter. Bake for 10 minutes at 350°F. Take out from the oven and leave to cool.

Reason 5: Applying Too Much Milk

Milk is one of the key factors which will make your key lime pie. Improper proportion of milk will make the key lime pie curdle


You always have to use condensed milk for the best and most tasty key lime pie. It will make your batter creamier and more smooth in texture. 

Reason 6: Setting Time

After making all the things perfect ,give it a generous amount of time to set. Otherwise it will not come out perfect. 


Frequent lime or lemon juice will suffice if you don’t have critical limes on hand. This pie should be chilled in the fridge for at least 6 hours before serving. 

It’s best to prepare this pie the night beforehand and refrigerate it overnight. And this can help you fix most problems with pie.

Key Lime Pie Not Setting Tips

Tips And Tricks for Setting Key Lime Pie Properly

It’s better not to over-whip the egg yolks, key lime juice, and condensed  milk in key lime pie. Try removing any excess air. 

  • Allow it to settle up over the night because air can be introduced and you want it to disperse.  
  • If you don’t have the period, put it in the fridge for at least 3 or 4 hours.
  • To avert key lime scrambled eggs, bake the pie for approximately an hour at 200 Things heat up at 212 degrees, so at 200 degrees. If you have a security net, put the pie over it. It never heats.
  • You can either buy the table scraps or make your own using a stick blender. After incorporating the table scraps and melted butter, press the combination into the pie dish. 
  • Make sure the crust is dense and uniform in surface area. You have to make sure the crust can withstand the stuffing.
  • The garnish is a contentious issue among key lime pie fanatics. To make a soft meringue, try saving your egg whites, combine in a little sugar, and brioche the surface.

That’s all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if your key lime pie is done?

A well done key lime pie will have a mildly flappy stuffing in its core. It takes about 15-20 minutes to bake. Heat up the pie until it gets too hard in the middle. As it starts to cool, the pie will proceed to consolidate.

Could There be a Distinction Made Between Key Limes And Normal Limes?

The size and color of the limes is one of the most distinct changes. A key lime is generally smaller and more yellow than an usual lime. When cut in half, you’ll realize that the key lime has a thinner skin and more seedlings. Also key lime has the stronger flavor. 

Can You Reheat Frozen Key Lime Pies?

Yes, your key lime pie can be reheated. It will not make your pie taste worse. It is excellent to defrost iced key lime pie in the fridge initially. By departing it in the bag and enabling the pie to crisp up over night. Then bake it for 8-10 minutes at 350 °.

Final Words

This is all about the key lime pie not setting. By this time you already got your solution. 

So what are you waiting for? Make your favorite summer starter with our suggestions.

Happy baking for your party!

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