How Many Eggs For Fudgy Brownies? [Explained]

How Many Eggs For Fudgy Brownies? [Explained]

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The struggle is real when you cannot find the perfect recipe. Perhaps you found it. But confused with the number of eggs you should put. Eggs are one of the main ingredients of fudgy brownies. So if you want to make the best brownie, you need to treat the eggs right.

How many eggs for fudgy brownies?

2 to 3 eggs should be sufficient for brownies. More or fewer eggs will give different outcome. But to make a bowl of fudgy brownies, we need to know the exact recipe. And finally, you can check if it’s appropriately baked and serve it.

Still feeling puzzled? Stick with us till the end, and we can make the best fudgy brownies together.

But if you’re wondering why we add eggs to the fudgy brownie, let’s jump in to know why!

Why Do I Need to Add Eggs?

There are several facts to back this point. Let’s go for the facts!

Firstly, You are mixing more than one dry ingredient into the mixture. And then you add the butter. Adding eggs to the mixture will help the mixture to get along fast.

Secondly, Eggs participate in the mixture as a binding agent. After you bake the brownie, these eggs will help it to stick together.

Last, you need eggs to have that perfect textured brownie.

Are you ready to hear the exact amount of eggs you need? Let’s go for it! 

Eggs for Fudge Brownies

You need the exact amount of ingredients to make the ideal fudgy brownie. Not more or less. One of the main ingredients is eggs.

You need a tight crumb and a fudgy structure, right? So, let’s go with 2 or 3 eggs.

You have to mix up dry ingredients for the brownie. So these 2 or 3 eggs will help the other ingredients to combine with the butter. You will have a creamy texture.

You need to be careful with the number of eggs, which will affect the brownie. 

But what if you cracked an additional egg? Can you add it to the mixture?

Can I Add an Extra Egg for Fudgy Brownies?

You certainly can. But keep in mind that the result might be different.

As mentioned above, eggs will give the brownie a more cake-like texture. So adding one more will make it drier.

Do you like chewy, fudgy brownies? If the answer is affirmative, then go for it.

Adding that extra egg can also be a wrong decision. You already know that eggs are making your brownie chewy. 

So, additional eggs can make the fudgy brownie heavy and stiff. 

Our advice is to add 2 or 3 eggs for fudgy brownies. Or do you want to add less? Then let’s see what will happen if you add fewer eggs.

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Adding Fewer Eggs for Fudgy Brownie

Adding less than the recipe advises can lead you to a disaster. The brownie mixture will not be able to bind if you do that.

Fewer eggs will make the brownie gooier. The ingredients will not mix up well.

So, you will have a bowl of disaster if you add fewer eggs. 

So take the perfect amount of eggs and make a bowl of fudgy brownies together.

Making a Tray of Fudgy Brownies

Are you up for a challenge? Let’s make a tray of the best fudgy brownie.

But first, make sure you have all the materials and ingredients you need to bake it.


  • Butter
  •  2 or 3 Eggs.
  •  Sugar (Brown/Granulated)
  •  Chocolate
  •  Cocoa Powder
  •  Flour
  •  Chocolate Chips
  •  Salt
  •  Vanilla Essence

Gather everything you need. Now let’s go for the fudgy brownies.

Step 1: Mixing Chocolate and Butter

First, Cut your chocolate into small pieces. Put the pieces inside the bowl. 

Now put the bowl on top of the boiler or a pan. 

Hold the pan so that the pan won’t slide from the stove. Turn on the heat to melt the chocolate. 

Is the chocolate starting to melt? If yes, then put on a scoop of butter.  

Take a spoon and start mixing the butter and chocolate pieces. Do it until it is completely melted. 

After the bowl is completely melted, turn the heat off and let it cool down.

Step 2: Making the Mixture

Now, Take another bowl to mix the dry ingredients.

Put one cup of brown and granulated sugar into the bowl. 

Now, take the eggs. Crack the eggs one by one. Take your whisk and mix it after adding each egg. 

Mix it until the mixture turns creamy. Add one tablespoon of salt and vanilla essence to the cream. 

Now, put the mixture of chocolate and butter into this bowl. 

Step 3: Adding Flour & Preparing the Oven

After adding two mixtures into one, now it’s your time to whisk. Whisk it and mix until it is a brown mixture.

You also need to start preheating the oven at this stage. We don’t want the brownie to be burning under the bottom. You can also face the same issue of bottom-burned meatloaf.

Now, sift flour and cocoa powder together and add these to the mixture slowly.

Now, gently fold them into the batter. Mix them until it’s creamy.

Step 4: Baking the Brownie

Take a square pan. Grease the pan with butter. Take two pieces of parchment paper and put them on top. Grease on the paper as well.

After letting it sit for a few minutes, pour the mixture into the pan. Then shake and tap gently on the square pan.

It’s time for you to bake. Let’s put it in your oven.

Now bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven. The perfect temperature to bake a fudgy brownie is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

After baking, your fudgy brownies are ready to serve.

How Will I Know My Brownie is Baked?

We already mentioned that 30 minutes is a reasonable time to bake your fudgy brownies. But if you still want to be sure about the condition of your brownies, here are a few tips.

We suggest you use a timer. It’s ok to get distracted. So to stop overbaking the brownie, you can keep a close eye on when the timer is getting close to the end.

If you are not sure of the perfect density, use a toothpick. Sounds funny? It’s useful. Stick the toothpick into the center of the pan. If the toothpick is wet, you need to give it more time.

If there is nothing on the toothpick, you might have overcooked it. Overbaked brownies can be tough and challenging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I substitute eggs in my fudgy brownies? 

Yes, you can. You can use yogurt or buttermilk. Use ΒΌ cup of this to replace each egg when you make the mixture. But here is something to keep in mind: your fudgy brownie might taste different when you don’t use eggs at all.

Is the brownie mix supposed to be thick?

Yes, the brownie mix should be thick. If you see the look of the mix is dark and thick, it’s a good sign. Your brownie mix should be pretty thick and not too runny.

How can I make fewer cakey brownies?

Avoid using too many dry ingredients if you want to make your brownie less cakey. Using too much flour will make the brownie cakey. Remember that whisking the batter can also create air into the mixture. This also leads you to a cakey brownie. 


Now you should be able to make the best fudgy brownie because you know how many eggs are for fudgy brownies.

One last tip! When you create the mixture, put the ingredients carefully.

This is an excellent and yummy Fudge Brownie mix with great reviews.

Go ahead and make the best fudgy brownie!

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