How Much Water For ¼ Cup Rice [Answered]

How Much Water For ¼ Cup Rice [Answered]

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Trying to cook rice for yourself but don’t know how much water to use? We have your answer!

How much water for ¼ cup rice?

Generally, it’s 2 parts water for 1 part rice. So to make ¼ cups of rice you need nearly ½ cup of water. The precise measurement is slightly more than 3/2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. But perfect timing is more important for a perfectly cooked pot of rice.

Here is your answer! But for a perfect meal, we suggest you read this article. We have explained the process in detail.

Let’s jump right into it!

Why Is The Rice To Water Ratio Important

Rice is one of the simplest foods there is. And it is versatile as it goes very well with most foods.

The simple nature and how it can be incorporated into every meal is what makes it so famous.

Properly cooked rice is fresh, tasty, and fluffy. It’s a perfect food to enjoy hot.

What makes rice so fluffy and fresh is the perfect rice to water ratio while cooking it.

Unlike making cauliflower rice, which doesn’t require water, plain rice requires a delicate water to rice ratio.

The perfect amount of water ensures the taste and texture of your rice. If it is overcooked it’s going to get too sticky and fall apart. And if it’s undercooked it’ll be hard to chew and tasteless.

What’s The General Ratio Of Rice To Water 

Cooking time may differ from rice to rice but the water amount mostly stays the same with every type of rice there is.

Usually, the general rule is 2 parts water with 1 part rice. For very precise measurement, per 1 cup of rice, there should be slightly more than  3/2 cups of water.

But using double parts of water is also okay, you just have to drain the excess water from the pot.

So for ¼ cup of rice, ½  cup of water will do just fine. It should cook your rice all the way through.

A reminder, that these measurements are for if you’re cooking in a pan or skillet using a lid.

If you are using a closed pot like a pressure cooker or instant pot then the measurement varies.

This is my favorite pressure cooker. I use it all the time for different recipes.

In a pressure cooker or instant pot where the vapor can’t escape you need to use equal parts of rice and water. 

How Much Time Will It Need To Cook? 

When cooking, time will vary with the amount of water that you use and also with portions. As you’re trying to cook ¼ cup of rice, it’ll take less time than 1 cup of rice.

You need to bring the water to a boil, which could generally take 4-8 minutes.

After the water comes to a boil, you need to cover the pot with a lid and turn down the heat to bring it to a gentle simmer.

Let the rice cook with the lid on for about 15-20 minutes. 

The total process of cooking the rice should take from 25-30 minutes in total for 1 cup of rice.

Few Tips To Get The Perfect Rice Every Time

Cooking rice is a simple enough task. But perfecting it is a matter of practice. But there are a few simple tips that will aid you.

If you follow these tips then nearly every time you’ll get a perfect batch of rice.

Let’s check out the tips here:

1. Rinse Your Rice Grains

When you unpack rice, you see a white powdery substance on the body of rice. 

It results from the continuous rubbing of rice grains into each other. This white powder is starch.

You might wonder why rice is sticky. Well, the answer is starch. Rinsing your rice grains properly before cooking gets rid of all the starch.

And getting rid of the starch will make sure your rice doesn’t get sticky.

You’ll end up with a  rich and fluffy pot of rice every time.

2. Let The Cooked Rice Rest

After cooking, do not serve it right away or take it to cool down.

After finishing off cooking and turning off the heat, let the rice sit with the lid covered for 10 minutes. 

This is done because at the first the rice at the bottom cooks first and the rice at the top doesn’t cook as same as that. Pans slide from the stove quite often while cooking rice. So be careful about that pans stick to the stove

Leaving the rice to rest lets the steam and heat dissipate uniformly all over the rice which cooks the rice at the top perfectly too.

3. Adding Salt To The Water

You don’t have to add salt during cooking. 

But what you can do is, add salt to the water. This will allow the salt to be infused into the rice. 

The overall taste of the rice will be increased and also it’ll not get sticky.

Now you know what’s the perfect measurement of water to cook your desired portion of rice. 

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Can I cook rice like pasta?

Yes, you can cook rice like pasta. Use more water than rice and when it’s cooked, throw away the excess water. But it’ll not get you the perfect texture of rice.

Can I use a blender to make rice powder?

Yes you can but you need a good blender. Using juicers or small blade blenders will put pressure on the blade and rotor. This might damage your blender over time.

How much rice is needed for one portion?

1 cup of rice usually is enough for 4 people. But as it depends from person to person it’s not a definite answer. Usually, a ¼ th of cup serves one person.


We hope you got the answer to how much water for ¼ cup rice. Now you can follow the tips and tricks you have learned and cook rice perfectly every time.

Hope this article makes your life easier. Have a good day!

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