Can I Use Neufchatel Cheese For Cheesecake?

Can I Use Neufchatel Cheese For Cheesecake? [Yes Or No!]

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Cheesecakes are most of our favorite food items. We love to have them on any of our special occasions. Their creamy, sweet texture can make any event special.

Many of us sometimes have brought Neufchatel Cheese instead of cream cheese mistakenly. As they look almost the same.

Can I use Neufchatel Cheese for Cheesecake

Yes, you can use Neufchatel cheese for cheesecake. They will turn out delicious like any other standard cheesecake. Neufchatel cheese have a very soft and silky texture and a mild taste, so you can make them creamy too. Moreover the cheese is healthy as they contain less fat than other cheeses.

That is just an overview. We have got more to share with you. Read along to know more.

How to Identify Neufchatel Cheese?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Neufchatel Cheese and Cream cheese look the same. So it’s natural to become confused.

Neufchatel Cheese has a white soft surface. Generally, it is heart-shaped most of the time. However, they are also available in other forms too. Like cylinders, bricks, logs, and square shapes.

And normally cream cheese is available in a cylindrical shape. These are famous in danish pastry recipes.

Types of Neufchatel Cheese

Well, there is not any report for the types of Neufchatel Cheese. But we can divide Neufchatel Cheese into two types. There are some features that make them different. Let us know about them!

French Neufchatel Cheese

The origin of Neufchatel Cheese was actually in France. The tradition of making them heart-shaped came from there. 

French  Neufchatel Cheese is soft and smooth so you can spread it as much as you like. But people generally sell them when they have not ripened. Because when they start to ripen, their taste becomes sour. 

But there is one reminder for you. You can not use French Neufchatel Cheese for your cheesecake. They are not suitable for your cheesecake.

American Neufchatel Cheese 

American Neufchatel Cheese is made from America’s pasteurized cow’s milk. 

They have a soft texture and the taste is flavourful too. They contain less fat and calories. They are great for cooking. Their taste is like a lot of cream cheese. 

American Neufchatel Cheese is great for making cheesecakes. With the help of them, you can easily make a healthy soft cheesecake.

As you can get confused while buying them, here is my recommended Neufchatel Cheese for you to buy. It’s less expensive and tastier than cream cheese in my opinion (I also love cream cheese). It also some soft out of the fridge!

3 Reasons for choosing Neufchatel Cheese for Cheesecake

Well, you know the reason now why you should choose American Neufchatel Cheese for cooking.

Normally, people use cream cheese for cheesecakes. But can you use Neufchatel Cheese instead of cream cheese?

Yes, you can. Let me tell you now the exact reasons for choosing Neufchatel Cheese for cheesecake in detail. 

With the help of my guidelines, you can decide if you should buy Neufcâtel Cheese or not.

Reason 1: Less Fat and Calories

Are you one of those who is avoiding your favorite cheesecake for fat? Then Neufchatel Cheese can solve your problem. 

Wanna know how? Let me tell you how.

Neufchatel Cheese is healthier. Neufchatel Cheese contains 23% milk fat and 70 calories per ounce. But other cheeses contain more. Like cream cheese contains 33% fat and 100 calories per ounce. 

So it contains fat but less than other cheeses and is also tasteful too. 

Now you don’t have to think of becoming fat or increasing your weight whenever you crave it.  This will not harm your health at all.

But still, as we know, everything has its limit. Neufcâtel Cheese has low fat but still has fat.

Yes, this is healthier and will not harm you. But overeating can always harm you. So don’t overeat them.

Reason 2: Soft Texture

Are you thinking that your cheesecake will become soft or not if you use Neufchatel Cheese?

If this is your reason for choosing unhealthy cream cheesecake, then try using Neufchatel Cheese from now on. 

Do you want to know about Neufchatel your, x vs Cream cheese in case of textured? The answer is Neufchatel Cheese is softer and silkier than other cheeses like nacho cheese, and cream cheese.

Yes, they are soft textured so that5 you can spread them as much as you want. Because they contain high moisture content.

You can even make them as creamy as you want. For that, you need to add some items which can hold moisture making it creamy. Like, flour, gelatin, egg white, corn scratch, etc.

You can even whip Neufchatel Cheese with sugar. And then add any of them to make it more creamy.

If you prefer to make it soft, then you don’t even need to add any of those materials.

Neufchatel Cheese has some grainy texture too. You can’t find this grainy texture at room temperature. So always use them at your room temperature.

Reason 3: Tasty as Standard Cheesecake

Are you worried that your cheesecake will become tasty or not? Is Neufchatel Cheese the same as cream cheese for cheesecake in taste?

Then you don’t need to tense at all. Because they are almost the same.

Neufchatel Cheese is slightly less sweet. But if you add sugar with them, you will not even realize the difference.

By using Neufchatel Cheese you can make your cheesecake as tasty as other standard cheesecakes. 

You can add any kind of fruit, tasty sweet jam above them to make it tastier. Like, Blueberry cheesecake with Neufchatel Cheese, Lemon Cheesecake with Neufcâtel Cheese. This has become so popular too.

As Neufchatel cheese is soft, you can also add something crispy to the toppings. It’ll make the cheesecake taste better.

You can even make Neufchatel Cheese no-bake cheesecake too. 

So you can make your favorite cheesecakes yummy and tasty with Neufchatel Cheese. And they are good for health and easy to make too. 

I hope you have found the proper reasons why you should choose Neufchatel Cheese for your cheesecake.

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Drawbacks of Neufchatel Cheese 

There are some demerits of Neufchatel Cheese. Though they’ll not affect your cooking and making cheesecake. 

But you should know them. It will help you in the future. Let us learn them.

Less Available

Neufchatel Cheese is less available than other cheeses. As I’ve told you earlier, they are made from America’s pasteurized cow’s milk.

And in some countries, using cow’s milk is illegal too. So it is natural sometimes to find them always available in your country. 

And not all people know about Neufchatel Cheese. So this may affect the production too. But you can always find them available in France.

Storage Issue

You should always store Neufchatel Cheese in the refrigerator. Because we should not let them stay at high temperatures. And they become grainier too at the wrong temperature.

As this cheese is soft, you cannot use them for a long time. And it becomes salty like salted butter too. They can get molded too if you don’t store them appropriately.

I hope that you don’t want to make your favorite cheesecake with salted cheese.

So store them properly and don’t use them after a long time of opening them.

Other uses for Neufchatel Cheese

Do you want to know the other uses of Neufchatel Cheese? Let me tell you in brief.

You know, Neufchatel Cheese is so soft and spreadable. So you can use them to make your favorite sandwich and desserts. 

And you can also use them for dessert frostings and toppings. You can use them for snack dips, and hors d’oeuvres too. They are best to make sauces 

So you can use your Neufcâtel Cheese in many things you want besides cheesecake. So they are useful too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the cheese name Neufchatel cheese?

The origin of Neufchatel cheese in France. This cheese is named after the town of Normandy. This town is in France.

Why is Neufchatel Cheese in a heart shape?

During the time of the war, French women made this cheese in love for their beloved ones who became soldiers. They made this directly from milk cheese and shaped it into this.

What is low-fat cheese cream?

Low-fat cheese cream is nothing but Neufchatel cheese. Because Neufchatel cheese tastes almost the same as cream cheese but it has low fat.

Is mascarpone Neufchatel cheese the same?

Mascarpone is thicker than Neufchatel cheese. You need to beat Neufchatel cheese and other cheese together to make it creamy like mascarpone.

Final Words

Hope that we have solved your query “Can I use Neufchatel Cheese for Cheesecake?”. From our expert guidelines, you know all the reasons for choosing Neufchatel Cheese for Cheesecake.

Remember to store them in the refrigerator too.

It’s time to say goodbye, my friend. Share with us how your cheesecake made with Neufcâtel Cheese has made your event special.

Till then, Good Luck! Enjoy your yummy sweet cheesecake!

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