White Butcher Paper Vs Pink [Which One To Choose] 

White Butcher Paper Vs Pink [Which One To Choose] 

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You can see so many things when you try to buy one particular item. And when it comes to butcher papers, it can be even more confusing – especially the pink and white butcher papers

White Butcher Paper Vs. Pink Butcher Paper

The main difference between white butcher paper vs pink butcher paper is that the pink butcher paper is bigger and heavier than the white one, making the pink butcher paper more durable and easier to use. You can use both of these papers for different purposes. So, they have their specified usage.  Also, the white butcher paper costs around $40, whereas the pink one’s around $60.

Still not sure which one you need? Don’t worry. We have a detailed comparison between these two butcher papers. 

Go on! Have a read. 

White Butcher Paper Vs. Pink – Basic Differences

When you’re a chef, you always want the best ingredients, and you know that the best ingredients always help bring out the best flavor. However, there can be a lot of good choices in the market for the same product. 

To know which one suits you best, you’ll need to research. So whether you’re choosing between a honesuki vs. boning knife; Or white and pink butcher paper, you’ll need to do your research first. 

We have some fundamental differences between brown and pink butcher paper and this will help you decide when and where you can use each paper effectively. 

So let’s get started. 

Attributes Pink Butcher Paper White Butcher Paper
Price Approx $60Approx. $40
Size 18 Inch x 2100 Inch17inch  x 1800 inch
When to use Storing, cooking, serving, smoking, and craftingSmoking and grilling
Easy to UseEasyModerately easy 

Well, now we’ve got the basics covered. But do you feel like you still need more information? Well, don’t worry, we got you. 

We have a detailed head-to-head comparison in our next segment. This will clear out all the confusions that you have.  

White Butcher Paper Vs. Pink – In-Depth Overview 

If you’re a professional chef, the last segment would be enough for you. However, not everyone is a pro at cooking. For our amateur chefs, this segment is for you, and this will clear out all the confusion you have regarding pink and white butcher paper. 

So let’s start.


Price is an essential factor to everyone. Most people will argue that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have good cooking, and sometimes money does matter. 

So next time you wonder if advantium is worth it, it mostly is. Now let’s see which one costs more. Is it the pink one or the white one? 

The pink butcher paper will set you back somewhere around $59.95. Keep in mind that prices might vary depending on which brand you choose. 

It’ll cost you slightly less for the white butcher paper, and it’s somewhere around $41.27. 

Winner: The winner in terms of price is the white butcher paper. 

However, price is not everything. Or is it? Let’s look at the following segments to know more.


Unlike wrapping papers in different sizes, butcher papers usually come in one standard size.

The size of the pink butcher paper is 18 Inches x 2100 Inches, which is slightly larger than your average white butcher paper, which comes in dimensions of 17inch x 1800 inches. 

Although this is not too much, it is something. For some people, this might be a big issue. For me, however, it isn’t. Well, we’ll let you folks decide.

Winner: There’s no clear winner here. It all depends on how big you need your paper to be. 

When To Use

Now, this is the most critical segment of this article. For amateur chefs, it’s essential to know when to use what. And in this case, it’s about butchering papers. 

So when should you use pink butcher paper, when to use the white one? Well, don’t you worry, we’ve got this covered for you. 

The pink butcher paper has a lot of uses. However, you can only use white paper for smoking and grilling, and you can barbecue and roast your meat like a pitmaster. 

This white butcher paper is ideal for producing juicy ribs and barbecue briskets in the Texas way.

And if you’re making briskets, white butcher paper is an absolute must. 

On that note, if you’re smoking a barbecue, you’ll need some barbecue sauce. And we have exactly the thing you need. Good quality barbecue sauce. Yummy right? 

Next time you’re out of barbecue sauce, try these items. You won’t regret it. 

Now the pink butcher paper can be a little complicated, and this is because you can use it on so many things. The most common things you may use it for are preserving, cooking, presenting, smoking, and making artworks. 

This paper works well for covering raw meat, blood, and other bodily fluids. The paper is strong enough to keep the meat from drying out while still allowing it to breathe, and this keeps the dish from becoming soggy.

Coating smoked meats with peach butcher paper is a great idea, and this allows the meat to absorb the delicious smoke while also protecting it from contaminants.

Winner: We think the pink butcher paper is the winner. This is simply because this can do the job that a white butcher paper does, plus other things. 

Easy To Use

Now comes the last part. Which one is easier to use? Well, this might depend on a few factors. Firstly, their durability. Although it’s durable, white butcher paper is not as durable as the pink one.

For example, you might need to apply double lairs to cover the meat if it’s dripping wet. You wouldn’t have to do that for pink butcher papers, and pink papers are stronger, and they won’t tear apart if the meat is too wet. 

One lair is usually good enough to wrap meats or other items if you’re using pink butcher paper. 

Now, let’s come to the second point. Although the pink butcher papers are very durable, they can be harder to cut. The white ones, however, are straightforward to cut and shape.

Winner: The pink butcher paper is easier to use.  

Now you know all you need to know to differentiate between pink and white butcher paper. If you’re still not sure how to properly use butcher papers, don’t worry. It’s straightforward. 

Final Verdict- Which One To Choose

Well, you can probably guess now which one is better for you. However, we would still like to give out two cents on the matter. 

If you want a good paper for various uses, go for the pink one. They are solid and hardy, keeping the smokey flavor intact.

If you occasionally barbecue or make briskets, then go for the white one. They are suitable for minimal uses, and they’ll do just fine until you do anything too absurd. 

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Frequently ASked Questions

Is It Possible To Microwave Butcher Paper? 

Microwaving butcher papers is not recommended. These specialty cooking sheets are frequently produced with poisonous and dangerous substances.

When It Comes To Butcher Paper, How Heated Can You Get It?

As long as the heat is indirect, you’ll be fine till the mid-400s. The paper takes on an odd flavor at about 500 degrees.

Is It Possible To Fry Bacon On Butcher Paper?

Yes, you can fry bacon on butcher paper, and the taste of your bacon will stay the same, plus the cleanup process is way easier. 

Final Word

So, white butcher paper vs. pink, which one will you choose? Well, by now, you should probably have your answer.

Shop for pink butcher paper, or white butcher paper

So let’s get that grill heated up and smoke some barbecues. 

Good luck!  

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