Can I Use A Propane Torch For Creme Brulee?

Can I Use A Propane Torch For Creme Brulee?

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The caramelizing layer on top of a creme brulee makes it appealing to everyone. But to create this, the torching needs to be done accurately. 

Though there are different types of culinary torches, they are not ideal.

Can I use a propane torch for creme brulee?

Yes, you can use a propane torch for creme brulee. It helps significantly in caramelizing the top layer and increasing the aesthetic beauty of your dessert. However, due to its gas substance, the propane torch should be appropriately maintained otherwise, you can end up burning your Brulee.

The small portion above may still leave confusion in you. For that, we’ve got you covered with a detailed discussion below.

Odds of Using Any Random Torches on Creme Brulee

Be it your homemade dehydrator or propane torch, you always need to use them carefully.

Technically, it’s permissible to use other torches to prepare creme brulee. But using culinary torches like butane or propane torch brings the best outcome.

You see, propane and butane torches give the perfect burn to produce a caramel layer. They are used primarily for caramelizing dessert food items. 

When you use any other mini-torches for this purpose, they might not work well. Sometimes they don’t generate enough heat and thus hinder the torching process. 

Avoiding other torches, except propane or butane ones, is recommended.

Propane Torch – Is It Safe?

A propane torch is commonly used and is an excellent addition to the chef’s kitchen. Here Propane is used as the fuel to generate the flame or burn. So, you might wonder if the gas gets mixed with the food or causes any abnormality.

But be assured that propane torches are safe to use. Although Propane produces Carbon dioxide as a by-product, that doesn’t affect the food. The smell, taste, or color remains the same. 

So, the propane torch won’t even ruin your right brisket color in any way.

Sometimes incomplete combustion of Propane can produce Carbon monoxide. But the concentration of that is very low in this case. Therefore, it doesn’t possess any threat.

To conclude, propane torches don’t produce anything that can create food poisoning. So, using propane torches is safe. You can use it while preparing creme brulee, Kreme donuts, etc.

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Choosing Propane Torch Over Butane Torch

Propane and butane both burn cleanly and are commonly used torches. Both of them work fine in terms of preparing food.

But there are some potential benefits of propane torches. Let’s look for them in the points below-

Economic Factor

Propane torches are easy to use, and they are economical as well. You can prepare your favorite creme brulee using propane torches inexpensively. 

They can also be refilled once the propane tank is empty without buying a new one. So, from an economic point of view, propane torches are great.

Perfect Burn

Propane torches give an even burn compared to the butane torch’s focused burn. You’ll notice butane only burns at one specific point. 

Thus, the controlled use of a propane torch can provide you with a perfectly caramelized creme brulee.

Amateur Friendly

Propane torches are great for starters who don’t have vast experience. Easy handling and effortless performance make it an excellent choice for amateurs. Thus propane torches are helpful.

From the above discussion, it’s clear that propane torches are perfect for creme brulee. If you are looking for good quality and reliable propane torches, try Amazon.

We hope their product suggestions will help you to find excellent quality propane torches.

Propane Torches for Other Food Items

Propane torches are not only used for preparing creme brulee. They’re an inevitable part of caramelizing many other food items. But primarily for recipes with cooking cream and other desserts.

Moreover, you can use your propane torch for caramelizing fruits. That upper layer of caramel will make your fruit cuts look and taste delicious. 

You can also use it for charring vegetables while grilling them. The torch can also be used for grilled green tomatoes, carrots, etc. Furthermore, they are used to melt tuna or salmon, searing meat, etc.

So, we can see that propane torches have many uses.

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Proper Use of Propane Torch

Although propane torches are safe, you still need to follow some precautions. These can help you to avoid any unexpected occurrences.

For example, keep the flame at a minimum distance from the food. Or else it can burn your food. Also, be careful not to mix up with spices like achiote or ancho. They can be burned very quickly.

Moreover, avoid keeping it concentrated in a single spot. Move the torch around to evenly distribute the heat. 

Most importantly, Propane is highly flammable. So make sure that your torch is not leaking any gas. Use the torch in a well-ventilated area.

So, now it’s evident that you can use a propane torch for creme brulee. But use it properly and carefully.

frequently Asked Questions

Is it permissible to use butane in a propane torch?

No, using Propane only in propane torches is recommended. Using butane in propane torches can be risky.

Which sugar is used for creme brulee?

White granulated sugar must be used for creme brulee. The small granules melt quickly and caramelize perfectly.

Can lighters be used instead of culinary torches?

No, lighters won’t heat up to the desired temperature. So, it’s better to use torches.


It’s time to conclude the discussion about whether I can use a propane torch for creme brulee. We hope you got all your answers.

Use your torch safely and use it when the bluish flame arrives, not the reddish one, because reddish flame doesn’t produce sufficient heat.

That’s all from us. Have a great time!

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