Why Did My Salt Block Explode? [Reasons & Safety Measures]

Why Did My Salt Block Explode? [Reasons & Safety Measures]

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Salt blocks bring an exceptional taste to the foods cooked on them. So you bought one home and started grilling on it. But suddenly the salt block explodes!

Why did my salt block explode?

The salt block can explode for various reasons. Very fast heating is one of the main reasons behind the salt block explosion. Also, oils getting inside can cause the block to blast. A wet-block is a potential danger and can burst upon heating. Sometimes inadequate ventilation can cause the bang too.

This is only the nutshell of our discussion. There are details of all these causes and preventive measures too! So let’s go through the whole discussion and avoid salt block from exploding.

Why Did My Salt Block Explode? – 5 Reasons Behind it

A salt block is a very good option for grilling meat and preparing seafood. They are completely food-grade like the laxative mineral oil. But the problem with salt blocks is that they often explode. 

There are many causes for which the salt block explodes. We have discussed the reasons behind this explosion below for you.

Reason 1: Fast Heating the Salt Block 

This is one of the main reasons behind the salt block explosion. The salt block is very prone to quick heating. As a result, the block explodes when too much heat is given to it.

A high temperature is needed to cook on the salt block. But they have special physical properties. For these properties, the salt blocks can not take in too much heat in a short time. The block can not retain the excessive heat given fastly and it explodes. 

Reason 2: Liquid Getting in The Salt Block 

Liquid is another thing that can cause the salt block explosion.  Any liquid like water, oil, etc. is dangerous for the block. They get inside the block and it explodes.

The salt blocks are collected from the inside of the earth. They have cracks and pores on the surface. Oil and other liquids get into the block through these cracks. And then they make the block blast.

Reason 3: Overheating the Salt Block 

Too much heat can burst the salt block. When we compared high and low crock pots, we saw that the temperature here gets limited. Hence, the salt blocks also have heat limits. When the limit crosses the salt block blasts.

Moreover, the salt block is used to make grills and other slow cooking items. Cooking for a long time allows the block to supply salt and minerals to the food. 

However, using the block longtime can overheat the block. And then it explodes.

Reason 4: Using Wet Salt Block 

As mentioned earlier liquids can cause the salt block bang. If you use a wet salt block the same thing will happen. The block will get heated at first and then it will explode. 

Reason 5: Shortage of Ventilation 

This is often an issue that most people overlook. The importance of ventilation while cooking is enormous. And if you are using a salt block for cooking, you must have a proper ventilation system.

Without proper ventilation, the salt block will burst easily. So keep some space in between the source of heat and the block. This will allow airflow and prevent the block from blasting quickly. 

However, if you don’t have a vent then use a window fan instead.

These are all the reasons for which the salt block can explode. You have to watch out for these factors to stay on the safe side. To help you with the salt block we have given some tips below.

How to Prevent a Salt Block from Exploding? [4 Effective Tips]

Now that you know the reason behind the salt block explosion it will be easy to resist the phenomenon. We will share some tips to ensure that you use the salt block safely. Have a look at it and then cook on the salt block without any problem.

Tip 1: Tempering The Salt Block 

The salt block must be tempered properly before cooking. Tempering something means increasing its temperature slowly. There are correct techniques for increasing salt block’s temperature. 

The salt block must have a high temperature for cooking on it. You can increase this temperature in your microwave. No need to think before putting them in the microwave like putting yeti in a microwave.

So, you need to put the block in the microwave. Then slowly raise the temperature. Heat it with time until you reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need approximately thirty minutes to raise the temperature. 

Tip 2: Don’t Wash the Salt Block with Water & Soap

Never wash your salt block in a dishwasher. This will damage the salt block. Even water and soap should not be applied to the block.

Simply wait for the block to be cooled after using. Then wipe it with a damp cloth and it will be clean. Before preserving it make sure the block is not wet at all.

Tip 3: Avoid Pouring Oil Directly on The Block 

While cooking on the salt block, avoid pouring oil and water on it. This is very dangerous for the block. However, you have to use oil while cooking.

In such cases, brush the oil on the food you are cooking. Brush it slowly and prevent oil from drooling on the block. This step will increase the lifespan of the salt block.

Check out this brush that you can use while cooking.

These products will serve you great as these are quite durable. You will surely love the products after using them.

Tip 4: Keep the Stone Block in a Low Moisture Place

Persevering the salt block is very essential to avoid explosion. The best place to keep the block is an airtight place. Make sure that too much air and light don’t reach the block.

These are all the preventive measures.  Following them you can take for your and your salt block’s safety. 

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How long does a himalayan salt block stay hot? 

A Himalayan salt block can retain heat for a very long time. It can remain hot for about 30 minutes. So you have to be very careful before touching it.

Why did my salt block turn black?

The salt block turns black due to the heat of the cooking. Also, the color of the food cooked on the block can affect it. The change of color and cracks will not hamper your cooking.

Is cooking on a salt block healthy?

Yes, cooking on a salt block is healthy. The salt block contains 80 different types of minerals. These are good for your health and also bring a mysterious taste to the food.


We think that now you know the answer to your question- why did my salt block explode.

We have provided everything you need to know. However, always use a towel to wrap the salt block to hold the dryness.

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