7 Best Seasoning for Philly Cheesesteak in 2023

7 Best Seasoning for Philly Cheesesteak in 2023

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Growing up, I always looked forward to my grandmother’s mouthwatering Philly cheesesteak. Curious, I once asked her, “What’s the secret behind this deliciousness?” She believed that the magic lay not just in the finely sliced rib-eye and soft bread but in the right combination of seasonings and condiments.

So, what’s the ultimate condiment for a Philly cheesesteak? After diving into some research over the past few days, we found that cheese, steak sauce, tomatoes, and even cocktail sauce could elevate the sandwich. Mix and match, and the flavor possibilities are endless! The combination of beef and sauce is crucial to achieve that perfect juicy and savory bite.

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of philly cheesesteak seasoning. Ready to explore? But first, let’s kick things off with a quick comparison table.

Comparison Table

OLD BAY SeasoningOriginal‎680 Grams
Hardcore Carnivore BlackGarlic, Onion0.42 Kilograms
McCormick Grill Mates‎25% Less Sodium Montreal Steak Seasoning0.72 Pounds
Pork Barrel BBQ Seasoning MixSmoky, Chili‎ 19 Ounces
Bull Steak SeasoningSteak120z (340grams)
Blackstone Cheesesteak SeasoningSteak0.52 Pounds
Tastefully Simple Steak SeasoningPepper, Garlic, Paprika, Black Pepper6.5 Ounce 

7 Best Philly Seasoning Cheesesteaks

1. OLD BAY Seasoning

OLD BAY Seasoning boasts a distinctive blend of 18 spices and herbs, including paprika, black and red pepper, and celery salt. This concoction delivers a one-of-a-kind taste that elevates any dish.

Packaged in a 24-ounce jar, it’s perfect for adjusting to various recipes in the kitchen.

Renowned for over 75 years, OLD BAY isn’t just a seasoning – it’s a culinary tradition. Its versatile flavor enhances everything from chips and fries to popcorn.

What’s more, this kosher seasoning comes without any added MSG, making it great for sprinkling on pizza, chowder, and more. Ever tried a low country boil with the iconic OLD BAY twist? It’s a southern seafood delight that’s sure to impress!

Originating in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1939, OLD BAY has been spicing up poultry, seafood, snacks, and other dishes for decades. But its influence isn’t just limited to seafood. Want to add a zesty kick to fried chicken or other recipes? Just mix it with breading or blend with other spices.


  • Globally recognized all-purpose seasoning.
  • Unique blend of 18 spices and herbs.
  • Perfect for seafood, chicken, and snacks like popcorn, fries, or chips.
  • Consistent delicious flavor for nearly 75 years.


  • Store away from direct sunlight, moisture, heat, and fluorescent lights to retain its vibrant color and rich flavor.

2. Hardcore Carnivore Black

“Hardcore Carnivore Black” is a standout in the world of seasonings, renowned for its activated charcoal rub that offers a striking contrast. Tailored for beef and red meats, this rub truly shines.

Packed with top-notch ingredients, this seasoning enhances the natural flavors of your meat without overshadowing them. Whether it’s a steak, brisket, or other BBQ meats, Hardcore Carnivore Black ensures an impressive finish, especially with its unbeatable bark.

At its core, it incorporates classic spices like garlic and coarse black pepper, all crafted to let the meat be the star. Moreover, it’s health-conscious too — gluten-free, MSG-free, and free from artificial colors.

Digging deeper into its ingredients, you’ll find sea salt, sugar, spices, dehydrated onion and garlic, and the signature activated charcoal. Adhering to dietary preferences, it’s also Keto-friendly.

Proudly made in Texas, this seasoning doesn’t just stop at being MSG-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. It’s celebrated as a top choice for activated charcoal rub, making dishes visually appealing with its vivid contrast.

If you’re all about steaks, grilling, or red meats in general, “Hardcore Carnivore Black” might just be your go-to seasoning.


  • Leading choice for activated charcoal rub.
  • Gluten-free and MSG-free.
  • Keto-friendly.


  • Statements about its dietary benefits haven’t been evaluated by the FDA.

3. McCormick Grill Mates

Enter another gem in the seasoning world: “McCormick Grill Mates.” If you’re keen on demonstrating the art of the perfect cheesesteak, this mix might be your secret weapon.

First off, it stands out with its 25% Less Sodium Steak Seasoning Blend. Crafted with McCormick’s tried-and-true spices, this blend boasts ingredients like garlic, black and red pepper, and paprika, making it a favorite for steaks, pork, and burgers.

Just a tablespoon of this seasoning for every pound of meat can elevate even the most basic meals to a mouthwatering masterpiece. Health-conscious folks will appreciate that it’s MSG-free and devoid of artificial flavors.

Aiming to achieve that signature, robust flavor on the grill? “McCormick Grill Mates” seasonings are tailored for just that, be it chicken, steak, fish, veggies, and beyond.

A pro tip: to truly harness that smoky grill essence, pair it with citrusy, woody, and garlicky ingredients.

Plus, if you’re looking to assert your dominance as the grill master, the “Grill Mates Marinades” are your go-to for infusing bold flavors into beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables.

All in all, McCormick Grill Mates Rubs are your ticket to upping your grill game, perfect for those unforgettable steaks, chicken dishes, pork delights, seafood specialties, and more.


  • Time-honored seasoning with coarse black pepper, salt, and garlic.
  • Crafted with McCormick’s spices, it’s America’s favorite grill seasoning.
  • MSG-free with no artificial flavors.
  • The Original Montreal Steak Seasoning offers 25% less sodium.


  • Even with 25% less sodium, some might find it a tad salty.

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4. Pork Barrel BBQ Seasoning Mix

Pork Barrel BBQ shot to stardom in 2009 when they showcased on the hit show Shark Tank. Their appearance transformed them from a local sensation to an international powerhouse almost instantly.

This seasoning, in particular, is a versatile wonder. Perfect for beef, chicken, fish, and veggies, this 22-ounce chef-curated all-purpose spicy seasoning rub promises to uplift any dish.

Starting is simple: drizzle olive oil over your chosen meat or vegetable, sprinkle the rub to your preference, and cook — be it on a grill, stovetop, or oven.

Each 22-ounce shaker is a testament to the dedication of BBQ enthusiasts. It’s a delightful blend, crafted by barbecue pitmasters, and deeply rooted in the rich flavors of traditional American barbecue.

Their expertise in the realm of barbecue isn’t just limited to spices. Over the years, they’ve expanded into crafting gourmet BBQ sauces and even established restaurants, all dedicated to that tantalizing barbecue flavor.

Moreover, health enthusiasts can rejoice. This meat rub boasts a clean label, being gluten-free, preservative-free, and MSG-free.

If the aroma and flavors of classic American BBQ tug at your heartstrings, then this rub is your answer. With just a shake, you can infuse that coveted BBQ essence into your dishes.

Praised in local restaurants nationwide, its unique meld of smoky, tangy, and sweet notes makes seasoning meats an effortless joy.


  • Flavorful blend inspired by traditional American BBQ.
  • Free from gluten, preservatives, and MSG.
  • Generous 22-ounce jar of spicy seasoning rub.
  • Not just delicious, but also user-friendly and adaptable.


  • Tends to be a bit on the salty side.

5. Bull Shit Steak Seasoning

“Bull Shit Steak Seasoning” stakes its claim as one of the finest steak seasonings you’d ever discover. A lot of hard work and experimentation in the Shit kitchens have ensured it pairs exceptionally well with the world’s most coveted steak, the ribeye. Plus, it’s gluten-free.

Contained in a sizable 120-ounce bottle (340 grams), this seasoning isn’t just tailored for the ribeye. It’s amazing how it can elevate the flavors of other cuts like T-bones, NY Strips, filets, flatirons, and sirloins to a whole new level.

The ingredient list for “Bull Shit Seasoning” is quite impressive. It includes Paprika, Granulated Celery, Brown Sugar, Salt, Granulated Onion, Pepper, Sea Salt, Silicon Dioxide, and Granulated Garlic.

It’s worth noting that while the seasoning itself is gluten-free, it’s manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, fish, dairy, soy, nuts, tree nuts, eggs, and seafood.


  • Generous 120-ounce jar (340 grams) of “Bull Shit Steak Seasoning.”
  • Exclusively crafted for steak enthusiasts, especially for the prized ribeye.
  • Elevates other cuts like T-Bones, NY Strips, filets, flatirons, and sirloins.
  • Gluten-free for those with dietary considerations.
  • Made in a facility that also handles a variety of other ingredients, catering to diverse needs.


  • Slightly heavy on the black pepper.

6. Blackstone Cheesesteak Seasoning

Dive into the world of flavors with the “Blackstone Cheesesteak Seasoning”. What stands out with this seasoning is the perfect blend of aged parmesan and zesty ranch, making it an exceptional choice not only for chicken but a plethora of dishes.

The hallmark of this seasoning lies in its versatility. With the rich flavors of Parmesan and Ranch, the “Blackstone Seasoning” is poised to elevate the taste of a myriad of your favorite dishes.

For all the cheesesteak aficionados, this seasoning captures the essence of the classic Philly cheesesteak with its careful balance of robust flavors, including hints of garlic, onion, and bell pepper. A tailgater’s delight, it promises not to let you down.

But here’s the twist: its application isn’t restricted to just cheesesteaks. From beef, pork, and poultry to an array of veggies, the “Blackstone Cheesesteak Seasoning” offers a burst of flavor wherever applied.

Fancy some Philly Fries or Cheesesteak cheeseburgers? This seasoning is your new secret ingredient. Made and bottled in the USA, it ensures quality and authenticity.


  • Versatile seasoning perfect for beef, pork, chicken, and beyond. Think cheesesteaks, fries, burgers, and more.
  • The zesty and light blend of “Rancho Parmesano” complements a variety of dishes from poultry and fish to veggies.
  • Suitable for diverse cooking methods, whether it’s on the griddle, stovetop, or in the oven.
  • Proudly blended and bottled in the USA.


  • Lacks that additional flavor punch for those seeking something more distinct.

7. Tastefully Simple Ultimate Steak Seasoning

Embrace simplicity without compromising on flavor with the “Tastefully Simple Ultimate Steak Seasoning”. With its emphasis on quality, the seasoning promises a gourmet experience right in the comfort of your home, without the fuss or frills.

Crafted with a focus on clean, natural ingredients, this seasoning offers a rich medley of flavors, from the piquant notes of red bell pepper and black pepper to the smoky hints of paprika, rounded off by the aromatic tones of garlic and the crunchy texture of coarse sea salt. It’s a symphony of flavors that promises to elevate your steak and meat dishes to restaurant-quality levels.

One of the standout features is its commitment to naturalness. Say goodbye to synthetic colors and embrace the vibrancy of plant-based ingredients.

The proof lies in the shaker jars, where the rich blend of spices and herbs is on full display, ensuring freshness and flavor in every sprinkle.


  • Natural color with no artificial additives or chemicals, ensuring you get the pure essence of plant-based ingredients.
  • A distinct combination of flavors that promises to enrich and elevate your dishes.
  • Committed to high-quality ingredients ensuring a gourmet experience every time.
  • Perfect for those looking for dishes that are both delectably delightful and surprisingly simple to prepare.


  • The packaging could use improvement to ensure product integrity and enhance user experience.

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Buying Guide for the Best Seasoning for Philly Cheesesteak

Looking for the perfect seasoning for your Philly cheesesteak? It’s not just about knowing various condiments; you need the right guide to make the best choice. No worries – we’ve got you covered! This buying guide will walk you through key considerations.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to finding the best seasoning for Philly cheesesteak, starting with recognized brands can make your search a whole lot smoother. We’ve identified some of the top brands in the Philly cheesesteak seasoning game to help you make a well-informed pick.

It’s true that products from established brands might be a tad pricier, but many shoppers find peace of mind in their trusted quality. The ingredients they use tend to be top-notch. After all, there’s a reason these brands have earned their reputation, right?

Building a brand’s reputation doesn’t happen overnight. But once it’s established, people trust it for quality. So, if you’re leaning towards a renowned brand, keep in mind you might be paying a premium.

On the flip side, don’t discount newcomers to the market. Some emerging brands offer fantastic quality at more competitive prices, simply because they’re still working on making their mark. It might be a good opportunity to get great value for your money!

Essential Ingredients

Every product has some staple qualities that are deemed essential. However, certain ingredients are unique to specific brands and are only found in their offerings. It’s crucial to pinpoint the ingredients you want in your seasoning and those you’d prefer to avoid.

Choosing the Right Flavor

When it comes to the flavor of Philly cheesesteak seasonings, it all boils down to personal taste. With a variety of flavors on the market for the same type of product, you’ll want to be particular about your choice.

Go for the flavors you love and crave. Steer clear of ones that don’t appeal to you. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s no harm in branching out and trying something new every once in a while!

Price Considerations

The price of a product can vary based on the manufacturer, size, and other contributing factors. You might come across sellers offering seasonings at temptingly low prices, which can understandably catch the eye of many consumers.

However, a word of caution: if a deal seems too good to be true, it might be. If you’re not careful, you could end up with an inferior product. It’s rare to find top-notch quality at rock-bottom prices.

A smart approach is to compare prices from different online vendors selling the same product. If a seller is asking for a price that’s higher than the average, check if there are any unique features or qualities that justify the markup. Always aim for the best value, not just the lowest price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sauces can you pair with a Philly Cheesesteak?

You can complement a Philly cheesesteak with a variety of sauces. Popular choices include tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, garlic sauce, and even mayonnaise. These can be drizzled over the sandwich or used as a side dip.

What typically goes into a Philly cheesesteak?

A traditional Philly cheesesteak is made with thinly sliced beef, often referred to as chip steak, grilled to perfection. It’s served with cheese and can be ordered “wit” (with onions) or “without” on a roll. Common cheese options include American cheese, melted Cheez Whiz, or provolone.

Which cheese is the best fit for cheesesteaks?

Mild provolone tends to be a crowd favorite. We’ve tested various provolone brands, and while most were great, Costco’s “aged” provolone didn’t quite hit the mark for us. Its flavor was a bit too dominant. Another popular choice among cheesesteak lovers is white American cheese.

In Conclusion

We’ve done the legwork and brought you a list of the best seasonings for Philly cheesesteak. With considerations like quality, cost, flavor, and shelf life in mind, we’ve handpicked the top options for you.

What’s even better is that these seasonings use natural preservatives to maintain freshness and are crafted from all-natural ingredients. Before suggesting any product, we ensure it’s not only delicious but also health-conscious.

For those who have a passion for flavors, we suggest diving into the combo condiment pack. The other seasonings we’ve covered also shine as key ingredients in crafting the perfect, juicy Philly cheesesteak sauce.

Plus, these select seasonings double up! Use them to elevate your sandwich or serve on the side. So, go on and whip up mouthwatering Philly cheesesteak sandwiches that’ll light up your loved ones’ faces.

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