How to Make Angel Hair Pasta Not Stick? [EXPLAINED]

How to Make Angel Hair Pasta Not Stick? [EXPLAINED]

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A delicious dish the Italians have gifted the world with is pasta! Pasta is one of the most popular foods that are enjoyed by everyone worldwide. Many people also enjoy cooking pasta, which is usually a quick and simple recipe. You’re probably here because 

When you’re cooking pasta, it can be extremely disappointing if the result is sticky!

How to make angel hair pasta not stick?

You can prevent angel hair pasta from sticking by properly boiling water, continuously stirring, using the right size of utensil and more. Your pasta should look slightly slippery after you’ve effectively prevented them from sticking.

Nobody wants their angel hair pasta looking sticky and pasty. To help you with this issue, we have discussed everything you need to know to avoid making sticky angel hair pasta.

Continue reading to find out how!

6 Reasons Why Angel Hair Pasta is Sticky and How to solve that issue

The last thing you want while cooking pasta is to make it sticky. To prevent such situations with angel hair pasta, it is essential to understand why it happens.

So, check out six reasons why angel hair pasta sticks, along with solutions for each!

1. Cold Water

The first reason for sticky pasta we will discuss is cold water. Only adding pasta to the pot when the water is simmering is essential.

Before tossing the pasta in, please wait for the water to reach the right temperature. It is best not to add your pasta to cold or lukewarm water as it can make it sticky. 

How to solve this issue?

The solution is to add your pasta to hot water only. Please ensure that the water is boiling. If you add your pasta before that, it will reach an undesirable consistency.

The ideal water temperature for cooking pasta is 96 to 100 degrees Celsius. Please remember that adding pasta to the water may decrease its temperature. So, the water must be hot enough to balance this out.

An excellent way to accurately measure the temperature is by using a thermometer. If you don’t already have one, we are here to guide you! Check out our top recommendations for quality thermometers:

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2. Inadequate stirring

Inadequately stirring your pasta may also result in a sticky result. Initially, you may notice a film of flour coating the pasta after you’ve tossed it in a pot of hot water. We don’t want this to happen now, do we? 

How to solve this issue?

It is essential to continuously stir the pasta in the initial two minutes to avoid stickiness. Look out for any signs of them lumping up together.

3. Lack of space

Another crucial aspect of adequately cooking angel hair pasta is using enough space. Angel hair pasta cannot cook to perfection in limited space. The lack of space can result in sticky pasta. 

How to solve this issue?

Please ensure that the vessel or pan you use for cooking the pasta is large enough. If you’re wondering how to choose the correct pan size, measure the angel hair pasta and use a pan twice the measurement. It will provide your angel hair pasta with adequate space to boil. 

If you’re looking for an efficient choice to boil angel hair pasta, try the pasta pot from gotham steel. It comes with a straining lid, too, which makes straining simpler!

4. Insufficient water

Not adding sufficient water is another common cause of sticky angel hair pasta. It is essential to ensure that you’ve added enough water to avoid a chewy, sticky result!

How to solve this issue?

The solution is to add enough water. When you begin cooking angel hair pasta, it is best to ensure your pasta floats. If there isn’t enough water for the pasta to float, it will likely lead to a sticky, paste-like outcome.

Are you confused about how much water to add? Generally, every 500g of pasta requires three-quarters of a cup of water. Ideally, a pasta pot has a capacity of 6 to 8 liters. So, you can go ahead and measure accordingly.

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5. Letting it cool down

If you’ve allowed your pasta to cool down, it is a high risk of becoming sticky. Pasta becomes sticky and lumps up on being left to cool by itself.

How to solve this issue?

We recommend draining the starch from the pasta if you’re not using it immediately. You can run cold water on the angel hair pasta for the best results. Doing this helps as it removes starch. Starch is what makes pasta stick together.

Before you decide to eat it, toss the pasta with sauce, and reheat it. Please make sure you eat it right after reheating it!

Do you have leftovers after a big angel hair pasta dinner? You can store angel hair pasta leftovers by following the same procedure. This is also a great idea if you cook pasta for a cold salad.

6. Pasta boiled too long

No one likes their pasta too soft and mushy. Overboiling is a common mistake that makes pasta rather unappetizing. Angel hair pasta is relatively delicate, requiring a little more attention than other pasta. As it boils fast, you must boil it in very salty water.

How to solve this issue?

Please make sure not to overboil your angel hair pasta. Once you’ve overboiled it, the situation is quite irreversible. So, focus on prevention!

One tip is to stir the pasta while it boils continuously. Stirring will help your pasta to boil uniformly. Also, please have a big pan to allow the pasta to boil evenly.

It is essential to track the boiling time of angel hair pasta carefully. Usually, angel hair pasta takes a couple of minutes to finish boiling. Based on the quantity of the pasta, you can set a timer to an appropriate boiling time. Angel hair pasta ideally cooks in about 2 to 3 minutes.

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Pasta Sauce Consistency to Avoid Stickiness

It is essential to follow every instruction precisely to get the desired result; however, this is not always enough. Sometimes, your angel hair pasta can feel sticky despite sticking to every word in the recipe! So, what could be causing this?

The pasta is not always the problem. The sauce you make could make the pasta sticky as well. This is especially common when making tomato sauce for angel hair pasta.

Here’s an angel hair pasta recipe you can follow to avoid lumpy pasta! Continue reading to learn how to serve angel hair pasta with tomato sauce.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • 1 1/2 lbs roughly chopped juicy on-the-vine tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Four garlic cloves
  • 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes, minced
  • 1 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese
  • ¼ cup basil leaves

Please keep in mind not to use too many tomatoes. It may overpower the spicy taste you’re going for.

Next, let’s look at the procedure. We’ve put together a brief stepwise guide to make it simpler!

Step #1: Take the pasta out of boiling water using chopsticks or a pasta spoon. Place the pasta in the vessel with the tomato sauce.

Step #2: Sprinkle some grated cheese and basil on the pasta and toss it thoroughly. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to allow the pasta to absorb the sauce flavors.

Step #3: Finally, you can top it off by drizzling some olive oil. You can also sprinkle parmesan cheese as per your preference.

Avoid Serving Sides with Sticky Angel Hair Pasta

Are you wondering what sides will perfectly complement sticky angel hair pasta? There are several options for you to consider! Choosing the right side will take your angel hair pasta experience to a new level.

Asian angel hair pasta recipes involve a rich blend of flavors. You may contemplate trying this with angel hair pasta, but we recommend it! 

For example, chicken is a meat that goes well with most dishes. Angel hair pasta dishes taste delicious with chicken, too, as long as it is cooked properly.

You cannot simply toss chicken with angel hair pasta, unlike other dishes. There are specific instructions to follow while making chicken angel hair pasta.

If you don’t correctly cook the sides, it can make angel hair pasta sticky. It will significantly compromise the taste of the angel hair pasta. So, if you’re a beginner, we’d suggest avoiding sides altogether.

Next, let’s talk about the nutritious value of angel hair pasta. Angel hair pasta is excellent for those trying to shed a few pounds! Each cup of angel hair pasta has 3.5 grams of fiber. It contains 36.6g of crabs, 8.4g of protein, and 2.4g of fat.                                

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I break angel hair pasta into smaller pieces before cooking?

No! You should preserve the original shape of angel hair pasta while cooking it. Angel hair pasta is designed spirally to eat efficiently with a fork. Its shape also helps more sauce stick to the pasta. Breaking angel hair pasta into small pieces doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Can I prevent pasta from sticking together by adding oil?

We do not recommend using oil to keep the pasta from sticking together. Many people use olive oil to prevent the pasta pot from overheating. Overheating pasta can make it lumpy and sticky too. However, adding oil can make it challenging for the sauce to adhere to the pasta. So, it is best not to use oil.

How much time does angel hair pasta take to boil?

Angel hair pasta takes only a few minutes to boil. Angel hair pasta is more delicate and fragile than other pasta types. So, paying extra attention to angel hair pasta while cooking is essential. We recommend checking your pasta 4 minutes after it starts boiling. Cooking angel hair pasta only takes 2 to 3 minutes.

Bottom Line

We’ve finally reached the end of the post! We hope our article on ‘how to make angel hair pasta not stick’ helps you in the kitchen. 

Angel hair pasta is a delicious dish. This type of pasta is relatively delicate and needs more attention to cook. It is crucial to follow every instruction from the recipe using measuring cups.

As we’ve discussed, angel hair pasta can become sticky in multiple ways. Knowing all of them will help you understand what not to do!

Bon Appetite! See you in our next post.

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