5 Healthy & Tasty Laughing Cow Cheese Substitutes

5 Healthy & Tasty Laughing Cow Cheese Substitutes

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Laughing cow cheese is a famous and well-registered brand in almost half of the world. Its numerous flavored, spreadable, and processed cheese variations available at considerable cost made its fortune. The product from the bel groups made the market for their taste and was the perfect pairing with crackers, chips, and more. 

But some products can be an equal and a better substitute for laughing cow cheese. The market is speaking of products like the suitable planet and Philadelphia. Boursin cheese is another best alternative to laughing cow cheese.

Keep reading for detailed information on some of the best, inclusive, and cheap alternatives to laughing cow cheese.

5 Best Laughing Cow Cheese Substitutes

1. Good planet

The Good planet brand is known for its inclusive nature. The products are vegan and top in the allergen-free category. They make the cheese and cheese spread completely plant-based and devoid of allergens such as nuts and seeds, dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy. 

The good planet cheese spread has numerous spice flavors, from the original cheese spread to garlic and herbs.

To top it all, the product is comparatively low in calories too. The calorie count is 70, and they use coconut oil for the richness of the cheese spread. And there is not a hint of coconut taste or smell. 

The excellent planet cheese spreads and other cheese varieties are found in the nearest supermarkets and convenience store refrigerators. The pack is a circular one with wedge-shaped cheese pieces in a circle.

The good planet cheese spread is a top-grade vegan cheese spread that is creamy, rich, tasty, and spreadable just as much as any other dairy cheese spreads.

Another attractive fact, apart from the product being affordable, is that good planet cheese is void of allergens.

2. Boursin cheese

Boursin cheese is a cream cheese from France and from the same company as the laughing cow – the bel group. This cheese spread is among the most popular for its flavor, richness, and unique taste.

The spreadable cream cheese first originated in France. It is available in over thirty countries, excluding the French populated ones. 

As with any other cream cheeses and cheese spreads, this can be used with crackers, pasta, salads, as dips to other chips, and in some delicacies. It is known that Boursin cheese is known for its special flavoring. Its flavors are onion, chives, tomato, figs, garlic, nuts, shallots, pepper, cinnamon, and other fine herbs. The Boursin cheese has been improved in its calorie since the start of the product. 

The first point is that boursin is from the same company. And currently, they are being produced as low-fat cheese.

The dairy product uses cream and pasteurized cow’s milk spiced and flavored with garlic and herbs. Dairy-loving people can enjoy this delicious replacement anytime and, in any snack, or meal.

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3. Beecher’s handmade cheese

Beecher’s handmade cheese first started as a small shop and now has its franchise for its unique tang in their cheese taste.

The company has understood the people’s dilemma about cheese making and has made their kitchen completely visible from the customers’ place.

Everything is visible from the customer’s view of the whole process of cheese making, from mixing the milk to the cheddaring process. 

The cheese is of the cheddar type and has a unique and complex taste to other cheddar cheeses. This is because they mix milk of Holstein and jersey milk in equal proportions to get this exceptional taste they are known for in the market.

The cheese is spreadable and yet has a firmness to it. The price is also affordable for the people.

The kitchen is visible to the customers; hence, all the ingredients used in making the cheese are also visible. Choosing food and knowing what is in it is a great plus.

The extra tang in the cheddar, high-quality handmade cheese is undoubtedly the best choice for some evening crackers, salads, slices of bread, and more.

4. Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is a type of cream cheese. These are the next best choice in place of laughing cow cheese. The Philadelphia is much lighter and neutral compared to the laughing cow cheese.

Easy spreading and easy to be used in other cooking processes and dips. This best-selling cream cheese variety starts from plain flavor to different spice flavors.

The flavors available are garlic and herb, fruit flavors like pineapple, reduced fat, garden vegetable, chive, and onion, and more.

The cheese of Philadelphia is exceptionally soft and spreadable due to the number of thickeners used and is compared to being almost buttery in consistency.

The tanginess of the cheese is balanced with the richness of the cheese. High-quality milk and fresh cream are used to make this Philadelphia cream cheese. The cheese is thirty to forty percent less fat. 

The cheese is smooth, fresh, easily spreadable, and has a balanced tang in its taste. Philadelphia cheese is the best-selling product in most places.

The cheese is perfect for dips, sauces, and other cooking processes. Hence Philadelphia is the best alternative in the position of laughing cow cheese.

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5. Cream cheese

The product is made from fresh milk and cream. Any cream cheese can be used as a replacement for a laughing cow cheese spread. This is due to the neutral and slightly tangy taste, and smooth, affordable, and easily spreadable qualities make them a perfect option in place of any cheese spread.

The making of this cheese involves the traditional Greek method of slowly discarding the whey from the cheese.

The neutral taste of the cream cheese makes it easier to add other flavors and herbs to make it more exciting and kid friendly.

There are many brands and types of cream cheese all across the world. One can choose any flavor or variety in these cream cheese for a tasty evening snack.

The cream cheese is a versatile choice in place of laughing cow cheese. Some of the cream cheese is low-fat, and standard cream cheese is light, smooth, and easy to spread.

The added flavors and the easy availability make this cream cheese a fantastic replacement for cheese spreads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laughing Cow cheese just cream cheese?

The laughing cow cheese is almost similar to cream cheese. Both are rich, smooth, and easily spreadable. Laughing cow cheese is much better than cream cheese because it has a much lower fat content.

Is Laughing Cow cheese the same as Philadelphia?

Both are almost similar. But comparatively, the Philadelphia cheese tastes much lighter than the laughing cow cheese. The laughing cow tastes a bit more robust. Besides that, these cheese types are an excellent choice for an evening snack.

Is BabyBel and Laughing Cow the same?

They are the same, and the same company manufactures them both. But babybel exceeds the laughing cow cheese in protein, calcium, calories, and fat. The ingredient list of the babybel is much less compared to the other.

Is Laughing Cow cheese Gruyere?

The laughing cow cheese was made from crème de gruyère before World War II. But not after World War II. After world war II, the laughing cow was made with wide varieties of cheese to produce one single cheese spread.


Laughing cow cheese is a well-known and widely popular cheese spread for snacking and other side dishes and dips. This can be replaced with some of the best choices of cheese spread varieties and cream cheese with numerous flavors from some of the best brands in the market. 

There are vegan options and better dairy choices while looking for an alternative to the laughing cow cheese. Some of the best substitutes are mentioned above to replace the laughing cow cheese in case of unavailability or due to the dairy ingredients in it.

Be it the Boursin cheese or the Beecher’s handmade cheese or cream cheeses. All are equally tasty and affordable for people.

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