6 Fantastic Green Chartreuse Substitutes

6 Fantastic Green Chartreuse Substitutes

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Today, we are going to talk cocktails! If you’re an enthusiast, you must be familiar with the French liqueur Green Chartreuse. Green Chartreuse is an exquisite, unique French herbal liqueur known for its strong, complex flavor profile and vibrant green color.

Green Chartreuse is not an item that you always find on shelves. In some situations, getting your hands on a bottle of Green Chartreuse can be challenging. This is where Green Chartreuse substitutes come in! 

Green Chartreuse substitutes

Some of the best Green Chartreuse substitutes are Dolin Genepy, Strega, and White Sambuca. Drambuie is another excellent option for a green-colored liqueur. Jagermeister is a unique take on Green Chartreuse substitute that does a fantastic job!

There is more than one factor to consider before finding a suitable Green Chartreuse substitute for your cocktail recipe. To make the research easier, here are my top recommendations for the best Green Chartreuse substitutes!

What is Green Chartreuse?

It is essential to understand properly. Therefore, before diving into the Green Chartreuse substitutes, let’s look closer at Green Chartreuse.

Green Chartreuse is a type of herbal liqueur that originated in France. It is made by the Carthusian monks, who have produced the liqueur since the 18th century. Green Chartreuse is considered one of the most complex and potent liqueurs available.

The recipe for Green Chartreuse is a closely guarded secret known only to two monks at a time. It is made from a blend of 130 different plants, herbs, and botanicals. Some ingredients used in making Green Chartreuse include cinnamon, anise, ginger, mace, hyssop, and other aromatic plants.

Green Chartreuse has a vibrant green color and a distinctively strong herbal flavor. It is known for its complex taste profile, which combines sweetness, bitterness, and a strong herbal character.

It is often enjoyed as a digestif sipped neat or on the rocks. It can also be used as an ingredient in cocktails, such as the “Last Word” or the “Chartreuse Swizzle.” It is consumed in smaller amounts because of its strong flavor and high alcohol content.

There is a milder version of Chartreuse called Yellow Chartreuse, which has a lower alcohol content and a slightly sweeter taste than a green liqueur. 

6 Substitutes for Green Chartreuse

Several excellent substitutes can provide a similar flavor experience. While Green Chartreuse is difficult to replace, many liqueurs compare to its complex flavor profile. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out my list of the best Green Chartreuse substitutes! 

1. Dolin Genepy

The first Green Chartreuse substitute on the list is the herbal liqueur Dolin Genepy. Arising from the French Alps, this liqueur has a distinctive, complex taste and smells like a dream! Its citrus and vanilla notes come from the aromatic blend of menthol, juniper, alpine herbs, and anise. 

Dolin Genepy is one of the closest Green Chartreuse alternative there is. The taste of Dolin Genepy is characterized by its herbal, floral, and slightly sweet notes. It has a gentler and more approachable herbal profile than Green Chartreuse, which may offer a stronger flavor.

The light olive color of Dolin Genepy also makes it perfect for those wanting to replicate the visual appeal of Green Chartreuse.

Like Green Chartreuse, Dolin Genepy is made from various Alpine herbs, including aromatic plants and flowers. It is often considered a suitable alternative for Green Chartreuse due to its similar flavor profile and herbaceous characteristics. However, it generally has a milder alcohol content compared to Green Chartreuse. 

Dolin Genepy is a versatile liqueur often enjoyed as a digestif, with ice, or in cocktails. It offers a delightful Alpine essence to Green Chartreuse substitutes like Chartreuse Swizzle and Last Word. It has a similar herbaceous, smooth feel that works beautifully in Green Chartreuse-based cocktails.

2. Strega

The next liqueur we will talk about is Strega. Strega, or “witch’s liqueur is an Italian liqueur that offers a similar herbal taste to Chartreuse. Its milder and sweeter taste makes it slightly different from the flavor profile of Green Chartreuse. 

Strega is an excellent substitute for the Green Chartreuse recipes that need fresh minty essence. It also contains hints of juniper and saffron and offers a subtly spicy, bitter flavor.

Strega has a yellow amber tone doesn’t resemble that of Green Chartreuse. So, if you are looking for an alternative resembling Green Chartreuse, I recommend considering other options. 

Strega is also a fantastic Green Chartreuse alternative if you are looking to create fun, vibrant cocktails. Ideally, one part of Strega is appropriate for every two parts of Green chartreuse used in the recipe. It also tastes delicious in cocktails like Biter or the Last Word by offering pleasant bitter-sweet undertones.

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3. White Sambuca

Are you seeking a sweet, suitable Green Chartreuse alternative? If so, you must consider White Sambuca! We thank the Italians for producing this herbaceous, spicy blend of flavors that takes your cocktails to new levels. White Sambuca is also popular for being smooth, unlike other harsher alcohols.

White Sambuca is an anise-flavored liqueur that offers cocktails a sweet and spicy taste. Its herbal notes are close to Green Chartreuse’s, making it a unique and suitable substitute.

The name Sambuca is derived from the Italian word for elderberry, which indicates the fruity flavor of this liqueur. It is made by distilling elderberry extracts, star anise, licorice, and fennel. You may also notice hints of mint and pineapple in this liqueur. 

There are more variants of Sambuca apart from white, including black and red versions. The black and red lack herbaceous essence similar to white Sambuca and Green Chartreuse.

However, you can always experiment with Black and red Sambuca to see which one you like best! 

White Sambuca is popularly used in the traditional Italian cocktail called Purple Haze. It also tastes fantastic in cocktails like Dreamcatcher and Lumiere.

4. Benedictine

Benedictine is a French herbal liqueur used as a substitute for Green Chartreuse by many. It goes well in Green Chartreuse based stirred cocktails.

While Benedictine may not be the ideal alternative for Green Chartreuse, it does an excellent job when you’re in a bind.

It is a spicy liqueur made from blended red berries, herbs, and spices. You can find some citrusy notes in there too! 

This herbal liqueur has a rich, velvety texture and complex flavor profile. It also has hints of honey, citrus, and spice that create the perfect balance.

Benedictine may not offer the Green Chartreuse’s pretty green color. But its unique flavor makes it taste delicious in suitable cocktail recipes.

You can achieve a satisfactory taste by substituting equal parts of Benedictine with Green Chartreuse. I recommend experimenting with Benedictine in cocktails like Bijou! 

5. Drambuie

Do you also want your drink to look like a green Chartreuse cocktail?

You’ve got to check out Drambuie! Drambuie is a green-colored liqueur made from a blend of Scotch whisky, spices, herbs, and honey.

This unique blend offers various cocktail recipes a sweet and complex flavor profile. It also has a subtle zesty and savory essence, adding more depth to the taste.

Drambuie is an excellent alternative when you can’t use Green Chartreuse for your cocktail. You will have a similar-looking, sweeter version of the original Green Chartreuse drink! 

6. Jäegermeister

Whether you love cocktails or not, Jäegermeister is surely an alcohol you’ve heard of. Germany has crafted this incredible drink that combines 56 spices and herbs, offering a rich, complex flavor profile. It is known for its distinct taste and botanical blend, making it a unique and suitable substitute for Green Chartreuse.

Jäegermeister is the perfect blend of spicy and fruity tastes. Along with the hints of saffron, it is perfect for creating delicious cocktails. It offers the same herbal essence as Green Chartreuse, which makes it a great substitute for your cocktail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Green Chartreuse smell like?

Like its flavor, the aroma of Green Chartreuse has a certain complexity. Green Chartreuse has a unique spicy, herby, licorice essence to its smell. Its characteristic aroma is challenging to compare with other liqueurs.

Can you substitute Green Chartreuse for Yellow?

No, I would not recommend substituting Green Chartreuse with yellow. If you do, it is best not to expect the same flavor. While both are Chartreuse, green and yellow, have varying flavour profiles. Yellow Chartreuse has a less intense flavor than Green. It also is a bit sweeter than Green, which may alter the basic taste of certain cocktail recipes.

What is the flavor of Green Chartreuse?

Green Chartreuse has a distinct and complex flavor profile contributed by its rich blend of ingredients. It also has citrusy notes with a subtle sweetness and undertones of anise, mint, and other herbs. Its strong, assertive flavor is derived from the herbaceousness of the liqueur.


Finally, it’s the end of today’s post! I hope our article on the best Green Chartreuse substitutes has helped you find the perfect match for your cocktail. 

The Green Chartreuse substitute you choose depends on your cocktail recipe and your taste preference. Dolin Genepy, White Sambuca, Strega, Benedictine, Drambuie, and Jägermeister all have distinct characteristics. You can go for Dolin Genepy’s herbal flavor, the sweetness of White Sambuca, or the complexity of Jägermeister!

Thanks for reading. See you in the next post! 

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