Egg Genius Troubleshooting [Issues FIXED]

egg genius troubleshooting

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The Egg Genius is a fantastic tool that allows you to remotely adjust the temperature of your Egg. However, there are several difficulties that users of this gadget could run across.

Egg Genius Troubleshooting

If you can’t connect Egg Genius to Wifi, you must push and hold the button between the pit and the meat jacks to reset your Egg Genius controller. Close the app tab and reopen it if the screen remains blank after you launch the application.

Users of Egg Genius also encounter several other issues. Is your issue found here? Then Continue reading!

How does Egg Genius work? 

The best-known Big Green Egg, now well-known worldwide, is a fantastic addition. The Big Green Egg system has undergone a technological update, which is extremely astounding.

You already know that you can use the Big Green Egg as a grill and an oven. The Egg Genius is a great tool for this very situation.

You can fully regulate the temperature of your Egg using it, and you won’t have to worry about constantly monitoring your meal.

Your computer or android, a temperature controller, as well as the pit and meat probes, are all components of the Egg Genius process.

After setting up your temperature controller and downloading the Big Green Egg app, your phone functions as a remote.

In the overall mechanism, the temperature controller is the key component. Power and probe jacks are located at the sides of the controller’s square body. The fan or blower is located in the expanded part.

Your probes are ready to put into the grill and provide continuous temperature readings after you have finished powering up your controller and connected your gadget.

A total of three meat probes can be inserted into your flesh, and you are only allowed one pit probe with an alligator clip. Take the example of smoking briskets.

The meat probes, which resemble needles, penetrate the chunks of your flesh, while the alligator clip must be fastened to the grid.

Set the preferred temperature in the app at this point and hold it there until your briskets reach the ideal color. So if the temperature varies from that, you’ll be informed.

The blower is then utilized in this situation. It is included inside the draft door made of stainless steel and may be used whenever necessary to control the temperature.

Once the ideal temperature has been maintained for the necessary amount of time, it will be simple to boil your briskets.

That’s all, then! Your food is prepared!

Now, this procedure might not always go without a hitch. Any step in the process might fail.

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Big Green Egg Genius Common Issues

Definitely, Big Green Egg’s Egg Genius is a great invention that makes grilling even simpler and more enjoyable.

However, it does have certain drawbacks. Additionally, you’ve probably had enough of reading Egg Genius reviews in an effort to find a solution to your issue.

You can count on me to identify them for you and to make some reasonable assumptions about potential fixes.

1. The Egg Genius App Isn’t Working Right

Your program may not load or function properly for one of two reasons. There are two possible causes: either the app server is broken, or your internet connection is unreliable.

You must only wait a short while. It probably wouldn’t take the server very long to correct itself if the issue was with the server.

If your internet connection is the cause of the issue, then resolve your network issue, and perhaps the program will function normally once more.

You open the app, but the screen is blank. This can appear to be a significant issue. But in reality, it’s a rather easy repair.

You should delete the Egg genius app tab from your phone’s tabs menu. This should be sufficient to restore the display of your app.

However, if it doesn’t work, try switching your phone off and back on.

2. Egg Genius Won’t Connect to WiFi

One of the most frequent problems with the Egg Genius gadget is this one. It might appear in a variety of ways on your device. Similar to FB400, FB200v2, FB300, and FB500 cannot access the internet.

Whatever the situation, there are a few standard methods for fixing this problem.

Initially, confirm that station mode, not access point mode, is selected for your controller and your wifi. This is so it can connect to the internet as station mode is required.

Whether that isn’t the issue, see if your controller’s wireless credentials have been changed. Restore it if that is the case. Try restarting your wifi router if none of these solutions work.

3. My Egg Genius app isn’t sending me any notifications

It’s not a huge deal, so relax. All you have to do is enable app notifications. Locate the Egg Genius app in the settings of your phone and choose Permissions. From there, enable alerts.

There you go! From this point forward, you’ll get all alerts.

4. Probe For Temperature Is Not Working

Your temperature probe can suddenly stop providing readings. What ought you to do in the circumstance?

Either your probe or the jack could be defective. You must first turn on your controller before you can begin troubleshooting the issue. Next, insert your pit probe into the pit jack and your meat probe into the meat jack accordingly.

Next, connect the meat probe to the pit jack and the pit probe to the meat jack to see if your probe is working properly or not by exchanging the probes. 

You may tell if one of the probes is broken if one of the probes fails to take the reading.

However, you may assume the jack is faulty if neither probe indicates a reading in the same jack.

You must take the appropriate steps to either repair the jack or replace the probe after successfully resolving the issue.

If you need to replace the probe in your temperature controller, follow my advice. These Y-cables or probes are among the best and should endure for a long time and offer the highest performance.

5. Results from Temperature Probes Are Inaccurate

When you start to notice that the findings from your meat and pit probes are inconsistent, there is an easy method to know for sure.

Using a chart for boiling temperatures, you can measure the temperature of the water that is boiling. It is the simplest method of locating a problematic probe.

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6. The Big Green Egg Blower/Fan in Egg Genius Doesn’t Work

Using the Egg Genius, the blower is primarily responsible for controlling the temperature of the Egg.

If you discover that the Blower is active despite taking a pit temperature measurement using a pit probe in both the pit and meat jack. After that, you may think about inspecting your jacks and probes for flaws.

Call the hotline instead if you attach the probe to the pit jack and receive a temperature reading but the blower is not operating.

Additionally, if you discover that both probes are malfunctioning at any jack, call the hotline.

It’s important to note that even if you have no problems with your Egg Genius, you shouldn’t decide against purchasing a Big Green Egg thermometer. Any time a digital gadget malfunctions. Manual tools can be used to solve this problem.

All done!

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Does the Egg Genius function when there is no internet connection?

Indeed, it does. The direct connect option creates a proximity connection between your device and the controller, allowing you to attach it to your device.

What does the Egg Genius Mechanism’s Pit Alarm mean?

The temperature you specify in the app as the pit alarm is the point at which you are alerted or warned about the temperature. It need not be at the highest possible temperature.

Why can’t I raise the temperature of my eggs over 350 degrees Fahrenheit?

Insufficient charcoal or charcoal that is damp in your Egg are two potential causes of this.


You should now be able to recognize your issue and correctly implement one of our solutions after reading this extensive explanation on Egg Genius troubleshooting.

Don’t try any more DIY solutions, though, if your issue persists after trying them all. It’s preferable to phone the hotline and talk to someone there about the problem.

However, if our troubleshooting was beneficial to you, stay with us for additional information!

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