Creme De Cocoa Vs Cacao [Which One Is Better?]

Creme De Cocoa Vs Cacao [Which One Is Better?]

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Creme de Cocoa and Creme de Cacao might sound the same but are slightly different. They both are alcoholic beverages made from cocoa beans. 

However, It’s easy to mix up between them. And given that both have the same manufacturer, this mishap looks more than usual.

Creme de cocoa vs cacao

The main difference between Creme De Cocoa vs. Cocao is that creme de cocoa is called the darker liqueur. On the other hand, creme de cacao is the lighter version. Also, cocoa isn’t compatible with cooking, but cacao is. The same company, Dekuyper, introduced Creme de cocoa and Creme de cacao. Also, cocoa isn’t compatible with cooking, but cacao is. 

Now, don’t worry; these two fun bottles have a lot of differences. Yet a lot more in common. Come on, let’s go check them out together.

Quick Comparison – Creme de cocoa vs cacao

The difference between the two liqueurs is quite subtle. But if you are a regular consumer of these products, you’d be able to tell these differences. 

And if you’re using this for cooking purposes, you better know the differences because the flavors in these liqueurs will significantly affect your food. 

So, let’s see some of the apparent differences among creme de cocoa and creme de cacao:

Attributes Creme de CocoaCreme de Cacao
Smell Strong coffee or dark cocoa Chocolate or vanilla
Color Dark brownCaramel or brown
Taste Bitter Bitter-sweet 
Price Average Average but less than creme de cocoa
Made ofThey are made of roasted cocoa beans then soaked in alcohol for hoursThey are made of roasted cocoa as well. But the catch is they aren’t soaked in alcohol for just as long. That is why the cocoa flavor is light.
Availability Not much availableAvailable most of the time
Use As coffee liqueur As 

So, these will be the primary difference between cocoa and cacao liqueurs. The differences aren’t as apparent as those between white and dark cacao creme.

Even though it’s confusing at first, you can tell the difference with time. You just need to practice with resilience. 

Let’s learn more about them for you to come to a decision:

More Details on Creme de Cocoa vs. Creme de Cacao

If you are still not convinced, We’ve more differences for you. These are in detail and will help you identify your favorite.

Let’s check out which one is the best for you in Creme de Cocoa vs. Creme de Caco:


Here’s the thing: these liqueurs have both moderate to high-end price ranges. It depends on their prep time, cocoa quality, and brand reputation. 

And creme de cocoa and cacao are relatively close in range. But still, there’s a slight difference between them. We are here to discuss this range and if it’s worth it.

As we know, the price difference will set you for the more approachable one. If it fits your budget, it’s worth a try.

Let’s start with creme de cocoa. It’s the more expensive one among two of our prime candidates. It’s made from curing pure cocoa in 50%-65% alcohol. So, the price is a bit in the higher range.

On the other hand, creme de cacao is on the cheaper side. Though its ingredients and procedure are the same, the effort in making it is different. It requires less attention in the completion of the process.

Also, it has a 20%-35% alcohol count making it less alcohol effective than cocoa. So, the price range is pretty moderate and less than creme de cocoa.

Winner: Creme de cacao wins this round for having a cheaper price range.


Even if we get all our preferences matched, it’ll be useless if the product’s unavailable. With that being said, let us discuss the availability of both products.

Creme de cocoa is tough to make. As well as it’s quite expensive as well. Moreover, its strong taste might not suit many people, so it has fewer loyal customers all around the globe. 

Due to this hassle, they have less production and hence low availability. That said, it’s hard to find anywhere near a grocery store or winery.

Now, in terms of creme de cacao, it’s a nation’s favorite. It’s easily manufactured and highly purchased all around the globe, which has high availability everywhere. 

This is why you will find this flavor in every grocery store and alcohol shop. 

Winner: Again, in this sector of being available, creme de cacao takes the cake.

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Taste is a personal choice. It’s different for everyone. But, judging by the past two differences, we will add this one. Solely, to differ the hype of the products.

You’ve already figured that cocoa is more bitter than cacao. It’s also more alcohol-infused and expensive.

But, people sometimes customize creme de cacao from different brands. That, too, is just for this particular purpose. 

Now, we were told its stand-alone taste as if a salt block exploded in your mouth. But people might like it for this reason only. 

Also, the strong coffee flavor is considered heavenly for caffeine addicts. We have said in the beginning that taste is personal, so there are no judgments here.

Now, to the creme de cacao, it’s a standard chocolate liqueur. No crazy fans to customize it, as it tastes pretty basic.

Also, its bittersweet flavor makes it perfect to go with rum or vodka. Though it could be taken alone, it might taste like regular chocolate syrup firsthand.

Winner: Creme de Cocoa easily wins this round, thanks to its rich fans.

Also, if you too want to customize yours, here are some of my favorite brands:

If you have the money, spend it on yourself just like this. Try it out once, and I hope you’ll love it as I do.


Lastly, let’s talk about various uses and accustoming other food materials. Just as we speak, cocoa is a great deal by itself. But you can’t mix it with many things as it’s a bitter yet tasty distraction.

For instance, if your heavy cream is chunky, serve it over cocoa creme. Its impact will reduce the hit and add more flavorgasm.

On the other hand, creme de cacao is made to be mixed with everyone. Let it be rum, vodka, or dessert. Its proper use will bring out the best only.

You can also drink it by adding bits of chocolate to it. Or just by itself, you get too many choices here.

Winner: Most definitely, it’s Creme de Cacao.

Final Verdict 

Seems like creme de cacao won with flying colors. But don’t let this intimidate you. It’s your tastebud; drench it with whatever you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Baileys as good as creme de cacao?

It depends on your taste bud. Baileys has creme in it, unlike creme de cacao. That is why they taste different even though they are extracted from cocoa beans.

Can we use any other thing in place of creme de cacao?

Yes, you can. The best replacement for the creme de cacao would be chocolate liqueur. It has the right consistency and alcohol limit in it. 

Is it possible to have an alcohol-free option in creme de cacao?

Yes, absolutely. Even though creme de cacao has a high alcohol rate, you can always look for the ones without alcohol. If you can’t find it, replace it with chocolate syrup.

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Hope your confusion about choosing between creme de cocoa vs cacao is resolved. And also, you have finally come to a decision.

If not, then don’t worry. Keep looking until you find the one for you. These choco-alcohol beverages go with maximum food and are tasty just by themselves.

Until next time, have a delightful evening.


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