Are Costco Scallops Wet Or Dry? [ANSWERED]

Costco Scallops Wet Or Dry [Answered]

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Scallops are an excellent seafood option for those who like a more delicate flavor and prefer not to consume fish with solid aromas.

There are two varieties of scallops which are dry and wet. It’s normal to get confused choosing between wet and dry scallops.

Are Costco scallops wet or dry?

Costco scallops are dry scallops. Costco is known for dry scallops that are not soaked in sodium triphosphate.

Costco uses the Individual Quick Freezing technique, where water is sprayed on the scallops before they are frozen. They don’t use Trisodium phosphate. They simply spray scallops with water which does not make them “Wet Scallops.”

To identify the best scallop, you will need further details about scallops. This article will give you ample information and a head-to-head comparison.

Hope you will stick around. 

What are Scallops?

Scallops are one kind of bivalve mollusk. Just like oysters, its mussels and clams are bivalve mollusks. As a result, the internal muscle is encased in two shells.

A white adductor muscle can be found in squid and scallops (the part we eat). The coral, a brilliant orange chunk inside the shell, may be seen here.

The muscle gets round and delicate as it cooks. Furthermore, it develops a salty flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Kinds of Scallops

There are two varieties of scallops. One is bay scallops, and the other is sea scallops. 

Bay scallops are smaller in size and more delicate. It takes about 100 per pound.Sea scallops grow about three times more.

Sea scallops grow up to two inches long. It takes about thirty to be a pound.

Bay scallops take less cooking time; they are more tender and sweeter.

Are Costco Scallops Dry Or Wet?

Well, to say it straight, Costco sells dry scallops.

If you are looking for scallops, Costco can provide you with some of the highest-quality ones. You can also find them in Costco’s seafood roadshow, in which they bring out some spectacular beauty.

Scallops’ mild, sweet flavor makes them ideal for those who prefer mildly flavored seafood. Scallops can also be seared perfectly with a golden-brown crust.

Dry scallops are not soaked in trisodium phosphate baths. The confusion comes in the Costco company’s processing.

Because of the Individual Quick Freezing technique, where water is sprayed on the scallops before they are frozen, 

The facility that processes them for Costco creates a protective ice shell. They don’t use Trisodium phosphate to soak the scallops. They simply spray them with water which does not make them “Wet Scallops’.

Water is poured over frozen scallops to create a coating that guards against freezer burn. Not all water-added scallops are laced with additives like phosphates. 

Don’t settle for phosphate-free frozen scallops if you reside where fresh dry scallops aren’t readily available. Please search for a new dealer. Scallops may change their shape while we defrost them like risotto.

Scallops Dry vs. Wet

There are two ways scallops are handled in the seafood business. It’s either dry or wet.

Wet scallops are also known as soaked scallops. They are soaked in a bath of phosphates. To be more precise, they are soaked in sodium tripolyphosphate. It’s done to add extra water weight.

Scallops absorb it, add extra water weight, and lower the net cost of scallop processing.

The absorbed water evaporates when you cook it. It makes them smaller, tougher, and less flavourful than their dry counterparts.

Dry is the term used by the seafood industry for natural scallops. Natural scallops look a little bit vanilla. Some facts about dry scallops-

  • Dry scallops caramelize wonderfully when seared!
  •  It tastes sweet and natural. Whereas wet scallops may sometimes be washed out or have a little bit of a soapy flavor.
  •  You don’t have to pay much for the water weight in dry scallops.

These reasons tell you why dry scallops are the superior choice for you to buy.

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Do Scallops Taste Fishy

Scallops have a savory flavor. They don’t taste like fish, but they do have a little salty, saline “essence.” The flavor and texture of scallops are comparable to those of lobster and crab, although they are firmer. Even the cleaning process is similar to cleaning a shrimp.

Are Costco Scallops Really Scallops?

Costco sells actual scallops harvested and prepared in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where they are sold.

Artificial scallops, as demonstrated by-

If they had been cut from molded fish products using an industrial “cookie-cutter,” they would have a more uniform shape. Unlike scallops cut from the wings of stingrays and skate, these are not severely inclined.

From the single abductor muscle that was extracted, they feature a distinct “up-down” grain structure. 

If a scallop has similar characters, you must understand that scallops are fake.

Does Costco Sell Fresh Scallops?

Well, Costco does not sell fresh scallops. They usually sell scallops that were frozen before.

Pre-thawed scallops can be available at Costco’s meat counter and Seafood Roadshows and in a gigantic variety.

Why Do People Like Costco Scallops?

Costco is one of those companies which provides the finest dry scallops. The most reasonable answer is that they taste amazing.

It also tries to give customers larger-sized scallops at a more preferable price than its competitors. Fresh scallops can also be eaten like frozen imitation crab.

Here we recommend some tasty Costco frozen imitation crab:

Why Scallops are Expensive

You must know how tasty a scallop can be if you are a seafood lover. But have you ever wondered why it’s so expensive?

Well, we got some answers-

Now all scallops are the same. The price of a scallop depends largely on its type. Bay scallops are comparatively cheaper than sea scallops because of the retrieving process.

Sea scallops live 60 feet under the water which is hard to collect, rather than bay scallops, which are a few feet away.

It lives in deeper and cleaner water. You need to dive for it. 

Hard to Farm

It requires a lot of time to grow a scallop. To start farming scallops, a lot of money is required.

You also need to continuously look after them, which will take a lot of labor. When food takes a lot of labor, it’s more expensive. 

High Demand 

Like all other sectors, the old principle of supply and demand comes into action here. Scallops are very high-demandable seafood, and their supply is very limited. 

It’s healthy and can be prepared in a lot of ways. It is more likely to be expensive when a product is in high demand, and the supply is low.

Short Lifetime

Scallops do not have a longer lifetime. They start to spoil instantly when coming out of the water. 

So, they need to be preserved the moment they are harvested. It also makes them expensive.

Hopefully, that will be enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you tell if scallops are wet or dry?

Wet scallops appear ghostly, opaque, pale white, or orange-white. Dry scallops will be more fleshy and translucent.

What type of scallops is best?

Generally speaking, the larger the scallop, the higher the price. Bay scallops are smaller than sea scallops. It’s about 12 inches in diameter. 50-100 per pound. These are said to be the sweetest and most succulent.

Are farm-raised Peruvian scallops safe to eat?

It makes no difference whether the scallop was farm-raised or wild. They are a healthy food to eat if you are not allergic to them.


That’s everything we must say about our Costco scallops, wet or dry.  

Hopefully, you got the answer to your question about wet and dry scallops.

Good Luck! Happy scallop buying 

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