Best White Wine For Chicken Piccata in 2023

Best White Wine For Chicken Piccata in 2023

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This is our comprehensive review of the best white wine for chicken piccata.

Chicken piccata is a tasty, warm dish perfect for any winter day. It is healthy and full of flavor. All you need is some chicken, herbs, garlic, and high-quality white wine. 

Yes! You heard it right! You will need white wine to make your chicken piccata taste fabulous. White wine has some delicate, fruity notes with citrusy undertones. Its aroma and flavor compliment the chicken piccata dish. In brief, white wine is the magic ingredient for any chicken piccata recipe. 

However, there are several white wine varieties in the market. Some have bolder, full-bodied flavor than others. How can one decide which white wine is best for a chicken piccata recipe? Here are best white wines for chicken piccata that can elevate the taste.

Best White Wine for Chicken Piccata

  1. La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay White Wine, 750ml (Best Creamy White Wine)
  2. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc White Wine, 750 mL (Best Aromatic White Wine)
  3. Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio White Wine, 1.5 L (Best Affordable White Wine)
  4. Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay, 750 ml (Best Buttery White Wine)
  5. Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio, 750 ml (Best Floral White Wine)
  6. Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, 750 ml (Best California White Wine)

1. La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay White Wine, 750ml (Best Creamy White Wine)

This white wine is from the world-famous Sonoma Coast in Sonoma County, California. It has an excellent flavor profile, perfect for chicken piccata.

The smooth and fine texture of this white wine is perfect. It adds a much-needed pop to the chicken piccata.

It is ideal as a cooking ingredient in high-quality dining dishes. It looks clean and sparkly in a proper wine glass.

Manufacturers have aged this high-quality white wine in oak barrels for seven months. 

It is 75% French and 25% American Oak (17% new), giving it a high-profile flavor. It has subtle notes of apricot, gala apple, oak, and spice. 

The aromas come together to create a unique blend in this white wine. You will also find flavors like lemon drop, white stone-fruit, yellow plum, and melon in it. They have a significant effect on the palate.

This white wine is rich and concentrated with different flavors. It has balanced acidity levels to give it a lingering, luxurious finish.

You can pair this white wine with crab cakes, grilled chicken skewers, polenta, chicken piccata, and grilled salmon. It goes well with full-bodied, fatty, and savory dishes. 

2. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc White Wine, 750 mL (Best Aromatic White Wine)

This white wine by Kim Crawford is the best ingredient for pairing with chicken piccata/ One bottle of this Kim Crawford wine contains approximately will give you about five glasses of delicious sauvignon blanc wine.

This white wine adds a new layer of flavor to your chicken piccata. It can tickle your taste buds with its fruity profile. 

This white wine comes in a screw-top bottle, making it easy to open without additional tools. You will be greeted with a burst of aroma after you open the bottle.

This finely made product is the definition of class. It has a collection of fresh, vibrant aromas of lifted citrus, tropical fruit, and crushed herbs with other fruity notes. 

Some rich flavors include passion fruit, melon, and stone fruit. Adding a splash of this white wine to your chicken piccata will take it to another level.

This white wine has a refreshing, juicy flavor with bright acidity levels. It leaves a weighted finish on the palate.

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3. Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio White Wine, 1.5 L (Best Affordable White Wine)

This 1.5 L bottle of white wine contains a delicious tasting pinot grigio for your savory dishes.

This large-sized 1.5-liter bottle of heavenly white wine is perfect for sharing among friends and family.

It will make your taste buds dance, especially if you pair it with a chicken piccata. It works well with other light, savory dishes with a citrusy flavor. 

This crisp and sharp white wine has unique nectarine, fresh peach, and citrus notes. It is perfect for people who like to savor the taste with every sip.

This California wine with juicy lime and citrus flavors is ideal for light dishes with a buttery base. 

This wine has a well-rounded taste profile, so you do not have to worry about any notes overpowering the others. 

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi is a Pinot Grigio white wine perfect for use as a cooking ingredient. This well-balanced white wine pairs well with seafood and other light dishes.

The grapes that give the unique flavor to this white wine come from north valley vineyards in California, producing a balanced blend.

The manufacturers have cold-fermented this blend to enhance the aroma and maintain its fresh, crisp character. This pinot grigio tastes best when moderately cold. 

This California white wine also pairs beautifully with several cuisines and dishes. It makes it a versatile product.

It tastes delicious with Thai food, roast chicken, and other poultry-based recipes. The flavor profile of this white wine also complements a variety of cheeses.

It makes it a perfect drink for any sunny afternoon. You can also have it with some delicious mahi-mahi tacos.

4. Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay, 750 ml (Best Buttery White Wine)

This white wine comes from the beautiful state of California, United States. You can not get enough of this high-quality white wine.

Butter Chardonnay has a luxurious, full-bodied, and luscious flavor profile. This wine comes from hand-picked grapes bursting with flavor from California.

The manufacturers have made this wine to meet the standards of luxury. It has a blend of the best flavors from the vineyards of California. 

It has a rich, bold flavor ideal for siding with several dishes. The best part about this Butter Chardonnay is that it comes from a highly-monitored cold fermentation process.

It allows it to form a creamy, smooth texture that rolls down your tongue, leaving behind a trail of deliciousness. This lush creaminess makes people fall in love with this wine at first sip. 

The baked-lemon and stone fruit notes in the buttery texture of this white wine make it unique. This uniqueness brings out its best in light dishes with a savory taste. You can use it as a cooking ingredient in a moderate amount.

A single splash of this divine wine will elevate the flavor of any recipe. Just like butter, this white wine melts in your mouth.

You can eat it with chicken piccata and other poultry-based recipes. 

5. Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio, 750 ml (Best Floral White Wine)

This medium-bodied Pinot Grigio wine has a crisp, refreshing finish that adds freshness to any dish. Add this wine to any savory recipe to take it to the next level.

The unique taste profile of this white wine makes it a popular product among wine and culinary enthusiasts. 

This famous white wine has subtle notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and honeydew, giving it the best flavor combination.

It is an ideal wine for people who like to catch the flavor notes in every sip. Experienced wine tasters notice the subtle tastes and aromas in this product. 

Despite the luxurious blend of flavors, this classic Italian wine is approachable. It has several delicate floral aromas enjoyed by people everywhere.

There is something for everyone in this delicious wine. The variety of flavors makes it possible for everyone to find something tasty about it. 

This high-quality white wine has the quality of versatility. You can pair it with several recipes like light pasta, poultry, and fish.

One of the popular ways to use this wine is by adding it to a chicken piccata dish. It elevates the flavor profile of the recipe.

This white wine takes chicken piccata from ordinary to fine-dining items. 

6. Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, 750 ml (Best California White Wine)

This wine is native to the beautiful state of California, USA. 

There are premium wine-growing areas littered through the North Coast of California. The best lots of this heavenly white wine come from Lake County and Sonoma County.

It has bright, aromatic tones of lime and citrus. These scents are the core of this wine. However, layers of white flower nectar, peach, and tropical melon elevate its flavor profile to a high level.

The clean and fresh flavors of this wine liven any recipe. This wine has the perfect balance of subtle and bold flavors, allowing wine tasters to have a good time.

The crisp finish of this famous white wine is all you need to make any evening special.

It works well with seafood appetizers, summer salads, and poultry dishes. The citrusy flavors of this wine taste good with most savory dishes.

Things To Consider While Pairing The Best White Wines With Chicken Piccata 

White wine is undoubtedly the best ingredient in chicken piccata. A chicken piccata recipe is incomplete without a generous splash of fine white wine.

However, most people do not understand the correct white wine for chicken piccata. Here are some examples of high-quality white wine compatible with chicken piccata. 

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine with a divine taste. Most people prepare sauvignon blanc in a medium-bodied, dry style. 

It is tastiest with moderate alcohol and elevated acidity. People ferment dry sauvignon blanc in stainless steel for a crisp texture.

On the palate, this white wine has lime and grapefruit flavors. You will also taste passion fruit, white peach, and bell pepper.

If the manufacturer ferments it in oak barrels, it will have vanilla and custard notes and a rich tropical fruit profile.

Sweet varieties of sauvignon blanc are rare and expensive. It has a refreshing, light taste. 

Pinot Blanc

Many people assume that Pinot Blanc is similar to Chardonnay. However, this gorgeous white wine is much more than a comparison.

This versatile white wine has a pale straw color with green undertones. Most people regard it as a dry white wine, but brewers have created several varieties of this beautiful product. Skilled winemakers can bring out the fruity tones of Pinot Blanc.

Pinot Blanc has a gentle taste with low acidity. The right amount of barrel maturation can give it a creamy texture with a hint of almonds.

People use steel barrels to make this wine and give it a sharp taste. The flavor of Pinot Blanc changes according to its fermentation method and ingredients. 

It is an excellent ingredient for making a chicken piccata. The gentle fruity flavor of this white wine gives the recipe a delicate taste.

Using the right amount of Pinot Blanc in a chicken piccata can make the recipe taste like heaven. People also use this wine as a complimentary drink while eating chicken piccata. 

Pinot Grigio

This dry, light-bodied wine is a popular cooking ingredient. It has the rich aromas of lemon-lime, pear, etc. Some Pinot Grigio also has notes of stone fruit like peach and apricot.

The scents of almond, baking spices, and honeysuckle make Pinot Grigio a favorite among wine tasters.

Flavors of Pinot Grigio also have fruity undertones like melon, green apple, citrus. Pinot Grigio is a gentle-tasting white wine with a little bit of tanginess.

People have also tested faint notes of honey, raw almonds, and minerals in high-quality Pinot Grigio. Thus, this white wine is one of the most versatile ingredients. 

This white wine is well known for its medium to high acidity texture. It preserves the refreshing quality of the wine and prevents it from becoming too sweet.

This white wine has a smooth and silky texture that leaves an impression on any dish, like chicken piccata. The soft and creamy texture makes it an essential cooking ingredient for several dishes.

Pinot Grigio has a different texture in every region. Its body and taste depend on the ingredients and method of preparation. 

This white wine has low tannin content and a lean body style in Italy. However, it has full-bodied, rich flavor and texture in France (especially Alsace), Germany, Oregon, and other New World areas. 


Chardonnay is a famous white wine, and everyone has heard about it. It comes from green-skinned grapes that grow in several countries.

It is why people find it easy to make this wine. It also ferments well in several climates, making it an adaptable drink.

The weather, fermentation method, and grape variety affect the taste of this wine. However, one can expect all types of Chardonnay to taste spectacular. 

The flavor of Chardonnay ranges from crips to oaky. This wide range allows people to find something they like in every bottle of Chardonnay.

It is a dry wine with a medium to full-bodied texture. It has moderate acidity and alcohol. It has fruity notes with a dash of vanilla flavor when aged with oak. 

All these white wines taste excellent with chicken piccata. Always use the white wine suggested in the recipe for the best results.

You can also pick a white wine you find comfortable and tasty. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I add white wine to the chicken piccata?

Add white wine after you have shallow-fried the chicken. Use the same pan to allow the wine to absorb the chicken flavor. Reduce it by half, add the chicken and stir in some butter. Serve immediately.

Can I make chicken piccata without the white wine?

Yes! Chicken piccata is a versatile and easy-to-prepare dish. White wine enhances the flavor of chicken piccata, but it is not a mandatory ingredient. You can use regular chicken broth in place of white wine. The beauty of chicken piccata is that it will remain tasty no matter how many changes you make to it. 

Which white wine is best for chicken piccata?

Most white wine varieties can make your chicken piccata taste good. Chicken piccata is a dish you can make with/without several ingredients. It is safe to use the white wine recommended in the recipe. Another safe bet is using your favorite white wine. There is no best type of white wine for a recipe as versatile as chicken piccata. 


Chicken piccata is comfort food for several people. It has a lemony-savory taste with the richness of butter. The best part about chicken piccata is you make it using different ingredients. There is no one fixed method of making chicken piccata. People love this moist, warm recipe during monsoon and winter. 

However, most people agree that chicken piccata is incomplete without a generous dash of white wine. This statement is factually wrong because you can make chicken piccata without white wine. However, adding white wine gives it an exquisite layer of taste. White wines have a fruity flavor with citrusy undertones. 

It is a light drink best enjoyed slightly cold. Its taste profile makes it an ideal cooking ingredient for chicken piccata. You can also enjoy a glass of white wine with other savory dishes like seafood and tacos. This article listed the six tastiest and most affordable white wines in the market. 

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